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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Norma David, Craig Crawford, Gordon Weir, Nick Walker, Miller Leon, Amish Amin, Grace Weir, Bill David, Louise McClements, Andrew Wilson, Rosee Macdonald, Betty McArthur, David McKie, Linda Smith.


Gayle Pollock (1st Howwood Guides), Noreen Pollock, Derek Brammer (Chairman, Children’s Panel), Linda Flint (Children’s Panel), PC Graham Barclay.


Ken Macdonald, David Bottomley.


Due to the unavailability of the Community Centre, the HCC meeting was held in the Parish Church Hall instead.

HCC have asked Craig Crawford to pass on their thanks for the use of the Parish Church Hall at such short notice.


The Minutes of the 13.07.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Grace Weir and Seconded, Norma David

Matters arising

Rosee Macdonald apologised for failing to submit apologies for herself and Ken Macdonald at the last meeting

    Crime figures for June 2004
    • 5 crimes with 2 detections - 1 theft by shop lifting,1 theft of a motor vehicle, 1 opening of a lock fast place, 1 breach of the peace (detected), 1 road traffic offence (detected)
  • Crime figures for July 2004
    • 4 crimes with 3 detections - 3 road traffic offences (all detected),1 act of vandalism (Elliston Place)
  • Other matters arising
    • Fete 2004 – Although there was a police presence at the Fete it was intimated that it would have been preferred if the police could attend for a longer period. It was acknowledged that they were called away to other incidents that day and the Fete 2005 working group will try to better coordinate future attendance with the police.
    • Traveller’s camp on the outskirts of Howwood – This is a Renfrewshire Council matter as the Travellers are on Council land. There is to be a meeting on 11th August 2004 between the Police, Renfrewshire Council, Scottish Executive and Travellers representatives to discuss the situation.

Derek Brammer and Linda Flint of the Children’s Panel gave a short presentation to raise the awareness of the work and aims of the Children’s Panel in light of recent changes to Legislation.

  • More detail on this presentation will be posted to the web site in due course.
  • During the question and answer session at the end of the presentation, questions were asked on Anti-social behaviours/Parenting orders and Supervision orders.
  • There is no specific qualification required to become a member of the Children’s Panel although there would be a considerable time commitment needed. There will be recruitment of new Panel members during October 2004 and anyone interested should watch the newspapers for further details.
  • HCC expressed their thanks for the Presentation and requested that further detail be provided to the Secretary by E-mail.
Elliston Road

Tarmac has now been laid, but not very satisfactorily and several areas have still not been completed.

The situation will be further monitored until completion of the works and HCC will contact Renfrewshire Council regarding the state of repair.

ROADS (Cont.)
HCC Road Faults initiative

Suggestion is for a map to be available on the web site (with ‘x marks the spot’) and a key as to what the problem is, where the problem is and when the problem was reported

There would also be further information such as a fault number, if one is available, and date of resolution with an update as to how resolved.

Further work on this initiative is still required and further updates will be provided periodically.

Hill Road junction with Bowfield Road

A suggestion was made that a mirror could be placed on the opposite side of this junction to give a better view of traffic passing up and down Bowfield Road thus making the exit from Hill Road safer.

This suggestion will be passed to the Roads Department for their consideration.

Bowfield Road to Country Club

The pavement on this road and encroaching vegetation still has not been rectified
Reminder to Renfrewshire Council at the same time as E-mail regarding the hedging at the corner of Midton Road and Bowfield Road.

Dunalister Path

It has now been confirmed that this path, from the Parish Church to the Christ the King, is definitely a Right of Way.

HCC will advise Renfrewshire Council of the ownership and request that they ensure access is in no way restricted.

Overgrown Hedging at Midton Road/Bowfield Road

No response from Renfrewshire Council.

HCC to chase for a response on this issue again stressing the importance of the issue due to Health and Safety, especially in regard to the schools recommencing soon.

The Chairman reminded everyone to report all such issues to the Council contact at E-mail address [email protected].

Rubbish bins
  • Three new rubbish bins will be supplied within the next 4 to 6 weeks.
  • 2 will be placed near the station and 1 will be placed at the top of the path from Mayfield to Main Street.
  • These bins will be maintained by Renfrewshire Council.
Play park

Fence in disrepair – It has now been clarified that this is the white fence by Midton Road that is in a bad state of repair. HCC will ask Renfrewshire Council the cost of repair and seek their recommendations.

Stair handrail – Despite this having been repaired, the handrail is again unsafe and poses a danger to children, especially now that the new play park is being used more frequently.

Rubbish bin – This bin is the responsibility of the Parks Department. The bin has not been emptied in some time and Andrew Wilson will contact the Parks Department accordingly. The Playground Project are also pursuing this matter.

General state of ground works – After work on the play park was completed the grounds have been left in some disorder and should have been reseeded with grass. The Playground Project are already in discussions with Renfrewshire Council regarding this matter.

Field next to Drygait/Torbracken

A letter has been received from the landowner regarding the walking of dogs in this field and also the damage to the main gate into this field.

This field is cut for silage and having dogs roaming throughout the field is contaminating the crop.

The land owner has asked our help in finding ways to maintain access to the field without damaging the viability of the crop.

HCC will reply to the land owner sympathising with his concerns and stating that we are in the process of raising awareness of the new dog fouling regulations and will publicise his concerns by newsletter and via the web site.

  • A wireless system has been proposed for use by village residents and may be available by October 2004.
  • Residents in the ‘Hillview’ area have received notification that a mast is to be erected nearby in the Lochwinnoch area.
  • The person supplying the wireless system, Malcolm J Clark (Malgus Broadband Limited) will be invited to an HCC meeting to give a talk on the system.
  • Details have still to be posted to the web site along with indicative pricing
  • BT have stated that the Kilbarchan exchange will be upgraded by 16th March 2005 but there are still complex constraints associated with the distance from the exchange and speed of the system available. web site
  • There were 3681 visits to the web site during July and this is a record for one month.
  • The web site has now been successfully moved to another server and no problems associated with this have been advised.
  • There have been some inappropriate notices and SPAM on the bulletin board recently. This will be monitored and, if necessary, alternative means of access to this web page will be considered.
  • The list of raffle prize winners has still to be put on web site and there will also be a notice in the local paper to this effect.
Mayfield Drive/Main Street Path

The pictures, which were taken of this area to highlight the need for maintenance, have still to be sent to the Council showing the condition of this area after building works were completed.

Planning Applications

Nothing of relevance to report.


HCC has been short listed for an award in the category ‘Community Enhancement thru the Internet’. Congratulations to David McKie for his efforts with the web site.

The final stage of these awards will take place in Edinburgh on Friday 26th November 2004 and David along with two or three other HCC members will attend.


Access issues - Alistair Campbell of Bowfield Hotel and Country Club had agreed to speak to various landowners on access issues but there has been no further news at this time.

Open areas/gap sites – Bill David has supplied plans for the existing triangle along with blank plans for completion with relevant requirements. Andrew Wilson will update the blank plans as appropriate. Plans for the open area opposite the Post Office have still to be drafted.

Cycle track - Councillor Nimmo will arrange a meeting of relevant parties with regard to what would be involved in maintaining an appropriate route to the cycle track and how the previous issues can also be progressed.

Search of the Land Registry – Costs in relation to this search (£16) are to be reimbursed to Andrew Wilson.


No report.


A letter has been received from Danny McAlister confirming that he has retired from HCC

HCC thank Danny for his dedication and contribution over very many years and an appropriate letter to this effect will be sent to him by the Chairman.

There are now two vacancies available to be filled.


As per the Agenda

  • Late hours policy review for hot food etc. outlets – Howwood not affected therefore no response will be given by HCC.
  • No smoking policy for all Council venues – Will be introduced 1st January 2005 and will include no smoking anywhere in the Village Hall. Due to the many venues held at the Hall, advance notification will be posted on the web site.
  • Rural Property & Business Assoc. – This is in connection with the field adjoining Drygait/Torbracken and has been dealt with under Environment.
  • Consultation on housing and surveying issues – Andrew Wilson will respond on behalf of HCC.
  • Health Council newsletter – Copies available from the Secretary.
  • Clyde Muirshiel Park Strategy Consultation – Copies available from the Secretary.
  • Scottish Water Consultations on water services – Copies available from the Secretary.
ASCC and Planning Aid AGMs

Nothing specific has come out of the Planning Aid AGM.

ASCC AGM appeared to be a little disorganised but it appears that Howwood has better Council backing than some other Community Councils. There was nothing further which affected Howwood.

1st Howwood Guides

A letter was received requesting a donation to their fund raising in aid of the purchase of additional camping equipment. HCC will donate £200 (Proposed, Bill David and Seconded, Robert Scarsbrook).

The Guides recommence on 1st September 2004 and will be giving 2 concerts, one at Christ the King and one at the Parish Church. Further details will be provided in due course.

There will be self defence classes on offer as well as new Faith Awareness classes.

It is proposed that there will be an autograph auction on 8th December 2004 to raise funds toward the purchase of additional camping equipment. If anyone is able to donate autographs for this event, please contact Gayle Pollock as soon as possible.

Fete Finance

Ken Macdonald will give an update at the next meeting of HCC.

Fete 2005
  • Nothing to report at this time.
  • A meeting of the working group will be arranged in advance of the next meeting of HCC.
  • Will be on the evening of Wednesday 20th October 2004 in the Village Hall.
  • The AGM will be followed by a talk from John Gray on the history of Howwood
  • Many thanks to John for agreeing to give this talk.
St Andrews Night Dance
  • The Village Hall has now been booked for the evening of Saturday 20th November 2004.
  • The time of the dance will be 8pm to midnight.
  • The band has now been booked at a cost of £275.
  • Details of date and time will be advertised in the local newspaper, Village Notice Board and on the web site.
  • Further meetings of the working group have still to be arranged.
ACHB Consultation meetings

Andrew Wilson gave an update on the meeting which he attended.

The only thing of interest to Howwood may be any proposed change of status to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

Grace Weir is still to attend one of the other meetings and further detail may be available at that time.


TUESDAY 14TH September 2004 - 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Then: Tuesday 12th October 2004.

AGM Wednesday 20th October 2004.

Thereafter probable dates: Tuesdays 9th November 2004 and 14th December 2004.

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