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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Norma David, Craig Crawford, Rosee Macdonald, Gordon Weir, Bill David, Andrew Wilson, Miller Leon, Amish Amin, David Bottomley, Nick Walker, Brian Young.


Jeanette Fraser, Norma Walker, PC Tracey Knox-McLean, PC Graham Barclay, Councillor Nimmo, Brian Gormlie, John Findlater, Kurt Keifer, Marge Stewart, G. Pollock, Louise McClements.


Betty McArthur, David McKie, Ken Macdonald, Grace Weir, Linda Smith, Danny McAlister


The Minutes of the 09.12.2003 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Amish Amin and Seconded, Norma David.

There were no matters arising.

  • Crime figures for January 2004
    • 6 crimes reported with 5 detections - 1 breach of the peace, 1 offensive weapons, 1 assault, 1 road traffic offence, 1 drinking in a public place 1 theft by house breaking (undetected)
  • Leaflets regarding new legislation on dog fouling were handed to HCC for copy and distribution around the village.

Brian Gormlie attended this meeting and gave a presentation on the Role and Aims of the organisation ‘Advice Works’. Time was also set-aside at the end of the presentation for discussion and to answer questions from those in attendance.

Presentation summary

The services offered are free and confidential.

Advice Works is a part of the Social Work Department.

Its aim is to improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups and communities in Renfrewshire by maximising income and managing debt.

Assistance is available on Benefits checks, managing multiple debt, Tribunal representation with regard to Benefits and Allowances, appropriate training to Social Work staff and also communities and the voluntary sector, the understanding and management of changes in legislation.

The main challenge ahead is seen to be to improve the service offered through better user consultation, location and access design of premises and better use of information technology .

Further information regarding this presentation will shortly appear on the web site.


The Roads Department have now arranged to have Gordon Wyllie and/or Eddy Syme attend the March meeting of HCC and a list of issues will be provided to them prior to the meeting.

Midton Road – Traffic calming

Footpath on the Cottage side of the road is to be widened and extended to Bowfield Road.

Signage and 20mph road ‘hatchings’ will also be supplied.

Work is to commence within the next 2 to 3 weeks and is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2004.

More detail will be provided by Renfrewshire Council in due course.

Pavement - Midton to Hospice

No further report.

West Corseford Farm

No further report.

Village Cleanup Campaign

Cleanup to be carried out 3rd and 4th April 2004.

Renfrewshire Council have again agreed to supply Skips etc. as appropriate.

It was agreed that this Campaign should become an annual event from this time forward.

Recycle Bins

Councillor Nimmo confirmed that we should know by the March 2004 HCC meeting whether or not funding would be available to extend the recycling initiative to the rest of the village.

Village Notice Board
  • Installation has been deferred until HCC can ascertain how soon the forthcoming refurbishment of the Village Hall exterior will be carried out.
  • Andrew Wilson has agreed to take on the custodianship of the notice board.
BT Broadband

Kurt Keifer from Kilbarchan gave a short presentation on the issues of Broadband suppliers.

  • The local telephone exchange requires to be upgraded by BT before it will accept broadband.
  • Broadband is always ‘switched on’ when the PC is up and running therefore there is no requirement to dial up for internet access.
  • There is a fixed transparent cost .
  • There is however a physical limit of 6 kilometres in distance from the nearest exchange and Howwood is right at this limit.
  • Because of this distance limit, the highest speed available to Howwood would be approx. 9 times the present dial up speed.
  • Once a broadband line is available, a user can elect to use any internet broadband supplier and are not limited to just BT.
  • NTL is presently the only Cable Company to supply Broadband.
  • Registration for broadband is not a commitment to take up the service from BT.
  • Discussion is still required on the future strategy of HCC with regard to the broadband issue.
  • The web site will be amended meantime to include registration links for BT broadband as well as Satellite and appropriate notices will be put in the local paper.
  • No applications of relevance received to date.
  • It was noted again that the appropriate HCC representatives are not receiving the planning details.
Scottish Evening
  • The working group has arrangements well in hand.
  • More raffle prizes would be greatly appreciated.
Village Design Plan
  • There has been an excellent response to the questionnaire so far.
  • The Public consultation meetings were very well attended with approx. 75 people attending over the two dates.
  • There have been some excellent ideas coming forward, and the working group will endeavour to incorporate as many as possible into the Design Plan.
  • Some of the more sizable ideas will require further investigation as to feasibility.
  • Once the results of the questionnaire and meetings have been collated, a further meeting will be held to provide feedback advise details of the Draft Plan.
FETE 2004
  • A show of hands was carried out to determine whether HCC would concentrate its efforts on one single specific Fete day in place of a Fete week.
  • The vote in favour of one day only was carried by a majority of 9 votes to 1.
  • It was agreed that HCC as a whole would form the Fete working group although a specific Fete chairperson would be appointed.
  • Thoughts and ideas on venue, content, theme, etc. for the March 2004 meeting please.

A list of HCC issues has been submitted to the Roads Department for prioritisation and this will be available at the March 2004 meeting.

Main Street Site Adjacent to Railway Inn
  • The bidder’s legal department still have issues to be resolved.
  • The bidder has now been given two weeks to complete or the sale will not go ahead.
Hill Road Access
  • Discussions still ongoing with owner.
  • There may however be some disadvantages to this course of action such as issues around the Carsewood development.

An application for membership has been received from Louise McClements and, having received no further interest to date, it was agreed that the notice period for nominations be closed with immediate effect.

The application from Louise was proposed by Brian Young and seconded by Amish Amin.

HCC welcomed Louise and look forward to her involvement in Community affairs.

There is one vacancy on HCC which still remains to be filled.


As per the list included with the agenda.

Playground Project
  • HCC to make a donation of £500 to this project.
  • HCC to further underwrite an additional £500 to assist in their finally reaching their targeted amount .
  • The above were proposed by Bill David and seconded by Robert Scarsbrook and agreed by the HCC members.
You Can Do It Awards
  • Bill David to look at requirements and complete application as appropriate.

The ‘Thinking Day’ Ecumenical service scheduled for 29th February 2004 has, unfortunately, had to be cancelled.

Community Policing

HCC were asked to complete Community Policing Evaluation forms for return by Wednesday 11th February 2004.

The forms were duly completed at this meeting and will be returned as requested.


TUESDAY 9TH March 2004.

Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 13th April 2004, 11th May 2004, 8thJune 2004.

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