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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Norma David, Craig Crawford, Rosee Macdonald, Ken Macdonald, Gordon Weir, Miller Leon, Nick Walker, Brian Young, Louise McClements, Betty McArthur.


Jeanette Fraser, Norma Walker, PC Tracey Knox-McLean, PC Graham Barclay, PC Wilson, Gale Pollock, Noreen Pollock, Edith McGlynn.


Amish Amin, David McKie, Grace Weir, Bill David, David Bottomley, Andrew Wilson.


The Minutes of the 13.04.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Brian Young and Seconded, Robert Scarsbrook.

There were no matters arising.

  • Crime figures for April 2004
    • 3 crimes reported with 1 detection - 1 theft from a motor vehicle, 1 drunk and incapable (detected),1 breach of the peace
  • HCC were advised of an incidence of graffiti at the primary school and were also advised that the community should be encouraged to report any instances of ‘fly tipping’ or speeding within the village.
  • It was also reported by residents of Midton Road that there have been several instances of cars mounting the pavement at speed at the narrower end of the road in order to pass each other as a result of parked cars. This will be raised with the community police officers at the next meeting.
Road signs and Garthland bridge

HCC wrote to Renfrewshire Council after the April meeting regarding this and other issues.

The reply was rather confused and HCC to write again for further clarification.

The issues around Garthland Bridge will be directed to the South Renfrewshire Access Network Initiative.

20’s plenty signs
  • Nothing further heard with regard to Midton Road.
  • HCC to chase up with Renfrewshire Council.
Earlshill Drive / Linister

There have been complaints regarding speeding in this area and also the dangers of on pavement parking.

It was agreed that something would be posted on the web site to try and address this issue.

Other suggestions for consideration by the complainee were, 20’s plenty signs, address through the formation of a Residents Association, leaflet drop around the appropriate area and, if perpetrators are known, report instances to the police.

HCC will raise this issue with the community police officers at the next meeting.

Midton road junction with Bowfield road

It is reported that the crash barrier at this section of the road is causing problems and danger to pedestrians.

HCC to approach Renfrewshire Council for possible solutions and will also seek to include the issue within the Village Design Plan.

Village Cleanup Campaign

Apologies received from the Guides for not taking part this year. This was due to the unavoidable lack of available senior guiders for supervision.

Rubbish bins and dog bins

It was mentioned that there appears to be a lack of rubbish bins around the village resulting in another build up of rubbish in the streets and that one of the dog bins at the play park has been the subject of vandalism.

HCC to check whether more bins are required and the procedure required to purchase more and have them maintained.

Village Street Cleaner

A proposal was tabled that HCC write to Renfrewshire Council commending the diligent work of the present Village Cleaner and that he be commended for a job well done.

Proposed by Gordon Weir and seconded by Robert Scarsbrook.

An appropriate letter, also asking for more information on additional bins will be sent.

Village Notice Board
  • The manufacturers have advised a possible means of combating the condensation problems encountered since having the board erected outside the Village Hall.
  • The situation will be monitored to ensure the problems have now been resolved.
  • Incidences of vandalism have not so far been apparent and the notice board is being well utilized.
BT Broadband
  • The Kilbarchan exchange has now been earmarked for upgrade by June 2005 and so the ‘trigger point’ previously advised has now been cancelled.
  • The broadband technology is continually being upgraded and it may be that distance from the exchange may not be an issue by that date.
Web site
  • It was noted that Howwood Community Councillor details as posted on the web site now requires to be updated.
  • Action on David McKie.
Mayfield Drive and Lot at the Railway Inn
  • Renfrewshire Council have been contacted regarding the above issues.
  • No reply received to date.
Decking at Bowfield Rise
  • This decking has not yet been fully removed.
  • HCC have been advised that some form of the decking may be re-erected.
  • This can be done without planning permission as long as the decking is kept within statutory limits.
Planning Applications
  • Tollhouse - No HCC objections to this application.
  • Weir’s shop - No HCC objections to this application.

No report


One nomination was received for Minute Secretary. Christine Scarsbrook was declared elected (proposed, Robert Scarsbrook and seconded, Norma David).

HCC still has one vacancy to be filled. Margie Stewart and Edith McGlynn are still interested but wish to attend further meetings before committing themselves for nomination.

It was noted that a member of HCC has failed to attend several meetings and, in line with the HCC Constitution, it was suggested that the Chairman should seek to confirm whether or not this was due to any particular problem.


As per the Agenda

  • RCVS road show dates advised.
  • NHS Argyll & Clyde reorganisation leaflets received – copies available from the secretary.
ASSC and Planning Aid
  • Ken Mcdonald has agreed to attend on behalf of HCC.
2004 Community of the Year awards
  • Andrew Wilson coordinating this application.
  • No further details available to date.

An outline draft has now been written highlighting the output from the last public forum.

This will now be presented to the architects for their perusal and support.

There may be further potential costs circa £6k and further grants to assist in developing the Design Plan may have to be considered.

If these additional costs are justified then a contribution from HCC of approx. £500 to £1k may be requested.

It was agreed that HCC would provide this support if required.


There was no other business.


TUESDAY 8TH June 2004.

Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 13th July 2004, 10th August 2004, 14thSeptember 2004, 12th October 2004.




500 books of 10 tickets per book being printed. Cost is 50 pence per ticket or £5 per book.

Tickets can be bought from any member of HCC from 17th May 2004.

There have been many generous raffle prize donations. Amongst these donations are prizes such as Dinner for two, Driving lessons, Horse riding lessons, and various drink related prizes.

HCC expressed thanks to all contributors.


Advertising space has already been sold at £25 per advert and again the HCC expressed thanks to all contributors.

Fliers still to be printed but will be available for a leaflet drop around the 7th of June – Help from all HCC members will be required for this distribution.

It has been agreed that the fliers should contain a reference to the fact that, due to restrictions on parking, people should not try to bring their cars on the Fete day.


The working group will try and have approx. 3 attractions sourced from one supplier such as Bouncy Castle, Bungee Run etc.

Agreement was given for £150 to £200 to be allocated on more than one activity this year (proposed, Norma David and seconded, Christine Scarsbrook).

A Falconry display has been arranged at a cost of £120. The funding of which was proposed by Robert Scarsbrook and seconded by Nick Walker.

The Police, Fire Brigade (with an appliance) and the St John’s Ambulance will also take part in this year’s Fete.

To date there have been approx. 14 requests for stalls at the Fete and these will be provided at a charge of £5 per stall (businesses requesting stalls will be charged £10).

Forms of receipt for the stalls will be available from the secretary by 17th May 2004
Again this year we will have the services of Alistair Aitken and his ‘Dirty Dog’ disco during the day. The Disco will also supply a PA function. Brian Young to contact Alistair and confirm availability.

Entrance to the Fete will be 50 pence per person but it is still to be decided exactly what form this entrance fee will take. A final decision will be made at the next Activities / Attractions meeting on 17th May 2004.


ASCC was contacted regarding insurance but no reply has yet been received and therefore the cost cannot be ascertained.

Grace Weir has also agreed to investigate other insurance providers.


The Village Hall has been booked and the band (The Jiggers) has been confirmed.

Tickets, at £5 per person, can be obtained from any member of HCC and will also be available at Fred’s shop and the Post Office.

Posters will be printed advertising the dance and will be distributed throughout the village.

Louise McClements and Grace Weir will dress the Hall for the dance and £50 of HCC funds were allocated to cover the costs (proposed, Robert Scarsbrook and seconded, Christine Scarsbrook).

The time of the dance will be advertised as 7:30pm until Midnight.


There will be no food available at the dance except for crisps, nuts etc.

The bar for the dance will be manned by members of the Playground Project with the supply of drinks etc. being organised by HCC. All profits from the bar will be shared equally between these two groups.

During the Fete day, the bar facility will be run by HCC.

The required License for the sale of alcohol at both the Dance and the Fete will be applied for at one and the same time by HCC.


It was agreed that another large gazebo would be purchased to better define the licensed area at the Fete and that this could then be hired out at a minimal charge to other groups and organisations in the village as and when required.

In order to ease power requirements at the Fete, it was decided that an appropriate power generator would be hired on this occasion.

If the generator proves to be successful, HCC may purchase one at a later date and, once again, this could be hired out at minimal cost to other organisations as and when required.

The football competition will be played at the school this year but goal posts will require to be hired, as these are no longer available at the school. It has also been made clear that no changing facilities are available and that the school should not be used for this purpose.

It is estimated that approx. 30 or 40 tables will be required this year and therefore enquiries will be made with the Parish Church, Christ the King and the village hall to source our requirement.

Whilst there was a suggestion that a car boot sale could be run on the same day as the Fete, possibly attracting further attendance at the Fete, it was decided that HCC should approach the organiser and request that if a car boot sale is still required it should be carried out on some other day (possibly the Sunday after the Fete?).

Whilst the Guides are still considering options, the Brownies have agreed to organise a ‘guess the birthday’ draw.


Activities / Attractions – Monday 17th May 2004 at 9 pm.

Fete Grand Committee – Tuesday 8th June 2004 at 9 pm (after June CC meeting).

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