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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Grace Weir, Bill David, Andrew Wilson, Rosee Macdonald, David McKie, Linda Smith, Ken Macdonald, Miller Leon, Louise McClements, Brian Young.


Gayle Pollock (1st Howwood Guides), PC Graham Barclay (K168).


Craig Crawford, Norma David, Gordon Weir, Nick Walker, Betty McArthur.


The Minutes of the 14.09.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Andrew Wilson and Seconded, Grace Weir.

Matters / Actions arising


  • Crime figures for September 2004
    • 11 crimes with 4 detections - 5 vandalism, 1 theft from a vehicle, 1 theft, 1 breach of the peace (detected), 2 road traffic offences – speeding (both detected), 1 assault (detected).
  • Other matters arising
    • Windows – Various windows have been broken, including the school, due to youths throwing stones indiscriminately.
    • Youth Club – The Community Police have been present at finishing time and there has been an improvement in the situation.
    • Neighbourhood Watch – Materials regarding this are now available for delivery to Betty McArthur and the Midton Road area.
    • Speed guns – The Community Police are now being trained in the use of these. It was mentioned that speed guns can be purchased by residents in England for approx. £220 each but we are not sure of the legal position in Scotland.
HCC Road Faults initiative

Nothing posted to the web site this month

Bowfield Road to Country Club

No further information

Gartland Bridge

Andrew Wilson has had a positive meeting with Drew McNab, Fraser Graham, Kate Cuthbert of the Access Forum and Cllr Nimmo.

With regard to access from here to the Sustrans, Cllr Nimmo is in favour as it can be classed as a safety issue.

There is room for a footpath to be created and this is still worth pursuing.

With regard to the bridge itself, Cllr Nimmo is of the opinion that this should be narrowed for traffic to allow a safer pedestrian area to be created.

It may be more helpful to await the creation of a link to the Sustrans before progressing this issue further.

Play park

Fence in disrepair – A private quote of approx. £12k has been received but no quote has yet been received regarding the supply of Beech hedging to replace the fence. HCC will approach Renfrewshire Council in this regard with the proposal that if Renfrewshire. Council purchase the hedging, HCC will arrange for the planting to be done as a community effort. Proposed, Bill David and Seconded, Andrew Wilson.

Stair handrail – Renfrewshire Council have agreed to replace/repair this hand rail as there is a health and safety issue but no date has yet been set for the works to be carried out.


The Scottish Waste Awareness Group have advised that Howwood would be included in kerb side recycling collections with effect from April 2005.

Renfrewshire Council have now confirmed that this is likely to be the case but have not given a definite commitment.

It is thought that the recycling will consist of garden waste, paper, plastic and glass.

Bulb planting day

The bulbs have now been purchased.

Andrew Wilson gave a reminder and requested volunteers for this initiative.

The planting day will be Sunday 24th October 2004 and all wishing to be involved should meet in the Village Hall car park at 1:30pm.

The Guides will try to attend and all HCC members present confirmed their availability

‘Rannoch Lea’ Access rights

HCC have received a letter from the owners of ‘Rannoch Lea’ regarding a complaint to RC Planning Department about their neighbours who have erected decking without Planning permission.

It was stated that Planning confirmed the lack of permission and, as a result of their complaint, the neighbour has denied them the right of access which was usually by way of the neighbour’s driveway.

HCC will advise that the Title Deeds be thoroughly investigated and that a search be carried out at the Land Registry to try to ascertain the true legal position regarding rights of access.

If this does not help, HCC will undertake to contact previous owners of the property asking what they know of any previous rights of access.

The HCC approach to cases where no Planning permission has been sought is to lend support to the complainant.

Broadband mast

No further news at this time.

Planning Applications

Nothing of relevance to report.


There will be a meeting with Renfrewshire Council representatives on Wednesday 13th October 2004 to discuss the Village Design Plan in general and to ‘target’ in particular issues around footpaths, roads & traffic and gap sites/open areas.

The plans for the Village Triangle will be progressed and various quotes are being requested for the completion of works. Grants are available via the Aggregates Fund which is controlled by the Community Environmental Renewal Scheme under the auspices of ‘Forward Scotland’ and the Scottish Executive and 2 quarries in the area have been approached regarding this. Ken Macdonald will investigate who should be contacted with regard to 2 other quarries in the area.

It has been found that funding from grants can be made easier if the requests are from a charitable organisation. As the Howwood Woodlands and Wildlife Group are already constituted as a charitable organisation and the Village Design Plan is primarily an environmental issue, it was proposed that the researching and requesting of Grants be devolved to this Group. The motion was proposed by Robert Scarsbrook and Seconded by Bill David. It is not thought that the existing constitution of the Woodlands and Wildlife Group would be compromised.

  • Thanks to Rosee Macdonald for placing an advert in the Gazette.
  • There are only approx. 10 tickets left for this function.
  • The Bar license is to be arranged by Andrew Wilson.
  • It was suggested that more bunting be purchased for the function and this could always be re-used for other activities. This was unanimously agreed and Andrew Wilson will arrange the purchase.
  • Tartan rugs will be used for decoration again in a similar manner as for the previous Fete evening Ceildh – Rugs to Grace Weir please.
  • Fred Storrie will supply the bar and the bar will be manned by the Sports and Hobbies Group with assistance from HCC.
  • Snacks and savouries will be organised for the evening.
  • The next meeting will be Friday 5th November 2004
FETE 2005
  • All is well in hand at the moment and brochures are now available to the working group to decide on the apparatus to be hired for next year.
  • Once a decision on the apparatus has been made the working group will approach HCC to secure funding.
  • The next meeting has been arranged for Monday 8th November at 9.00pm
Web Site
  • 3 new e-mail addresses have been requested by residents.
  • Some additional business have now been added to the amenities page.
  • St. Andrews Night dance now being advertised.
Village Information
  • The Village Notice Board is still misting up and collecting rain water.
  • HCC will look to repairing this out with the manufacturers.
  • The Parish Church Foyer has been offered as a part time information centre akin to the one in Bridge of Weir.
  • This will be progressed further and it is anticipated that a centre could be manned on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from sometime in the New Year.
  • Information to be made available will include transport timetables, Further Education, DHSS, Council Departments and village activities.
  • A coffee area may also be possible but it will need to be investigated as to whether a food hygiene certificate will be required.
  • A request has been made for the donation of leaflet stands and Linda Smith has intimated that she may be able to source some.

The Autumn 2004 newsletter should now have been delivered to all households in the village.


No report.


As per the Agenda

  • CC Forum AGM – Nick Walker attended and there is nothing of relevance to report. A request was made for two people to volunteer to Audit the Forum’s finances and Ken Macdonald has volunteered to be one of the people involved. Nick Walker will contact Ken with further details.
  • RC Provost Awards – Information available from the Secretary.
  • ASCC newsletter and web site – copies available from the Secretary.
  • RCVS membership and training – HCC subscription due 1st November 2004.
  • Pension Credits newsletter – copies available from the Secretary.
  • Village Hall and Caretakers house – A letter was received from Cllr Nimmo advising that a survey of the roof has been carried out and that it will cost approx. £13750 to repair. This is work which is required in addition to general refurbishment of the Village Hall. Renfrewshire Council are presently looking for funding for this work and so, no date for commencement has been considered.
Play park

Concerns have been voiced by parents that the gate into the children’s play area is not secure.

Recommendations have been made that a self closing mechanism and/or a latch be fitted.

HCC will pass these recommendations to the Playground Project.


Overgrown hedging at the path has been brought to the attention of Renfrewshire Council.

It is confirmed that this will be rectified but no timescale has been advised.

Midton Cottages

It has been advised that the roads behind the cottages and around the Bowling Club are presently being resurfaced.

This may create more congestion on Midton Road as a result of an increase in the number of cars which will have to park there.

A.O.C.B. (Cont.)
Suggestion Box (located within the Post Office)

A complaint has been received via the suggestion box regarding cars parking at the bus stop near the post office.

An article asking for consideration from drivers who park there will be placed in the Gazette and HCC will approach Renfrewshire Council to provide appropriate bus stop markings.

Reliable Buses

There have been complaints regarding these buses not running to schedule or not turning up at all.

There have also been incidences whereby the service to the Royal Alexandria Hospital has not been running and services being withdrawn due to the buses being required for school runs.

HCC will write to Reliable Buses voicing these complaints (copying in Renfrewshire Council) and seeking their assurances that services will return to the published schedule.


AGM – Wednesday 20TH October 2004 - 7.00 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Thereafter: Tuesdays 9th November 2004, 14th December 2004, 11th January 2005, 8th February 2005, 8th March 2005, etc.

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