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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Norma David, Craig Crawford, Gordon Weir, Nick Walker, Brian Young, Amish Amin, Grace Weir, Bill David, David Bottomley, Louise McClements, Andrew Wilson.


Betty McArthur, David McKie, Linda Smith.


The Summer raffle raised the sum of £700.

The Draw was carried out at this HCC meeting and the various prize winners will be notified over the next few days.

A list of prize winners and their prizes will also be posted on the web site and the Village notice board.


The Minutes of the 08.06.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Robert Scarsbrook and Seconded, Grace Weir.

Matters arising

Minutes of the 08.06.2004 meeting were not distributed by Renfrewshire Council

HCC will pursue this with Alex Hewetson.


No report.

FETE 2004

Well supported by HCC members with a good turnout by the community during the day. The evening entertainment was excellently attended with a lot of favourable feedback on the night.

There was more assistance given by members of the community this year and HCC would like to express their thanks to all who assisted and, in particular, to Sandy Johnstone, Gavin Hunter, Jim Smith the school janitor and members of the Playground Project. Letters of thanks will be sent shortly.

Proceeds from the evening bar were shared equally between HCC and the Playground Project.

Many stalls, such as the coconut shy, did far better than expected – congratulations to Craig Crawford on his efforts in this regard.

Having the football competition on site this year obviously helped in maintaining a good attendance during the day and this format should be continued in future years.

There were few negatives to be addressed and the working group for the next year will take these on board.

The treasurer’s report was not available at this time and final figures will be confirmed at the next meeting.

All in all it was considered that the 1-day format was a successful format and should be continued in future years.

Fete 2005

Preparations for the 2005 Fete will commence with effect from August this year.

The proposed date is 18th June 2005.

The 2005 working group will be Robert Scarsbrook, Louise McClements, Grace Weir, David Bottomley, Brian Young and will be chaired by Bill David. Others may be co-opted to the group where required.

Garthland bridge

A Road Safety representative will contact HCC with a view to a possible meeting.

Elliston Road

Concerns were raised on the condition of the pavements as a result of the ongoing work by Transco.

The situation will be monitored until completion of the works to ensure the pavements are satisfactorily repaired.

ROADS (Cont.)
HCC Road Faults initiative

David McKie and Craig Crawford are working on this initiative.

There was nothing to report at this stage.

Midton road junction with Bowfield road

No response to date.

Overgrown Hedging

No response from Renfrewshire Council.

HCC to chase for a response on this issue.

Rubbish bins

Still no response to date.

Garden waste recycling

Funding is coming available for waste recycling bins and it is hoped that extended deployment of Brown Bins will begin in time for the next collection period starting March 2005.

Community Group Land Purchase

It was noted that there have been changes to legislation that may assist groups such as HCC in the purchase of vacant spaces for community use.

Further information on this will be sought from Renfrewshire Council.

Renfrewshire Access Forum

Attended by Andrew Wilson.

The forum was of interest although there were no issues specifically pertaining to Howwood.

Andrew Wilson and David Bottomley will continue to represent HCC at future meetings.


Craig Crawford advised that this group is looking to introduce evening meetings to supplement the meetings already held during the day.

Evening meetings are more suitable to Craig and he will continue to represent HCC on this basis

Village Notice Board
  • The problems regarding ‘misting’ on the inside of the notice board appears to be recurring.
  • This will be monitored and if problems continue, the manufacturers will again be advised.
  • A wireless system has been proposed for use by village residents and may be available by October 2004.
  • The person supplying the wireless system, Malcolm J Clark (Malgus Broadband Limited) was not available to talk on this system.
  • HCC have received a paper from Malcolm Clark regarding this wireless system and details will be posted to the web site along with indicative pricing.
  • Any questions on the system can be brought to the next HCC meeting and we will contact the company to answer any questions which cannot be immediately answered at the meeting.
Mayfield Drive

Renfrewshire Council are still pursuing the builders regarding cleaning up the waste at this site.

HCC will still approach Renfrewshire Council on the basis that the rubbish here could be construed as ‘fly tipping’ and is certainly an eyesore and health hazard to local residents.

Pictures of the area will be taken and sent to the Council as appropriate.


Now demolished.

Planning Applications

Nothing to report.

Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership

HCC may be invited to attend a local forum.


No report.


A request for additional funding was not successful but it was suggested that a different approach to the Plan could be adopted.

Effectively, it would be better to target single items on the Plan, such as the smaller ‘quick win’ items, rather than implementing the Plan as a whole.

Issues to be tackled initially will be: footpaths/access, open areas/gap sites and the route to the cycle track.

Alistair Campbell of Bowfield Hotel and Country Club has agreed to speak to various landowners on access issues.

Open areas/gap sites – The village triangle will be targeted for improvement and Bill David has offered the services of his company in drawing up plans for various improvements.

Councillor Nimmo will be asked to arrange a meeting of relevant parties with regard to what would be involved in maintaining an appropriate route to the cycle track.


It was noted at the previous meeting that a member of HCC (Danny McAlister) had failed to attend several meetings and, in line with the HCC Constitution, the Chairman spoke to him to confirm whether or not this was due to a particular problem. We were advised that he has mixed feelings about remaining a Community Councillor and that a final decision would be advised by this HCC meeting.

No decision has been intimated to date. At the next HCC meeting it will be assumed, unless advised to the contrary, that Danny wishes to resign his HCC membership.


As per the Agenda

  • Campaign to defend Council Housing – letter received seeking support – copies available from the secretary and the letters can also be distributed as required – Councillor Nimmo will be contacted and a public meeting may be convened if appropriate.
  • RCVS newsletter – Betty McArthur named as Champion Volunteer – HCC would like to add their own congratulations to Betty on this achievement.
  • ACHB Consultation and Health Council newsletter – Copies available from the secretary – Community representatives have been invited to attend a consultation and Bill David will attend on 26/07/2004 with Grace Weir attending on 17/08/2004. Dates and venues for these consultations are noted at the end of these minutes and, anyone wishing to attend should contact Andrew Wilson, secretary, with appropriate details.
  • Postwatch newsletter – copies available from the secretary.
  • RC report on Children’s Nursery services – copies available from the secretary.
  • RC Education and Leisure service plan – copies available from the secretary.
  • Police Board Minutes – copies available from the secretary.
  • Resident’s complaint re fencing at the park – the complaint relates to the state of repair of the fence but we are not clear as to which fence the complainant refers – HCC will seek to clarify as fencing repairs will be carried out as part of the ongoing work of the Playground Project.
ASCC and Planning Aid AGMs

No update has been received at this time.

Community Council Forum

The forum was attended by Nick Walker.

Although the meeting was interesting there were no issues of note regarding Howwood.

Playground Project

It has been intimated that the official opening of the new playground may be on Saturday 24th July 2004.

Further details will be provided shortly and notification of this date will also be in the local newspaper.

HCC have agreed to donate their marquees to the Playground Group for this occasion.

HCC meeting dates

The secretary is only able to attend Tuesday meetings by arriving late on into the meeting.

Different dates and times have been discussed and also different public venues.

A consensus of individual preferences will be sought and meeting dates may be changed as appropriate.

Until a final decision has been made, the meetings will continue to be on a Tuesday meantime.

A.O.C.B. (Cont.)

Discussions are ongoing as to whether or not we should hold the AGM on a different date to the normal monthly business meeting and to also include some form of public meeting, such as an update on the Village Design Plan or a talk on the history of Howwood.

A final decision has still to be made.

St Andrews Night Dance

It was agreed that HCC would host a dance for St Andrews Night (27/11/2004) and look for shared participation with another community organisation such as the Sports and Hobbies Group.

A working group has been convened to organise this event and the group consists of Louise McClements, Christine Scarsbrook, Norma David, Amish Amin, Andrew Wilson and will be led by Grace Weir.

Further details will be provided in due course.


TUESDAY 10TH August 2004 - 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Thereafter, the following Tuesdays: 14thSeptember 2004, 12th October 2004, 9th November 2004.


ACHB Consultation venues :


  • 26/07/04 9.30 – 13.00 Johnston Town Hall, Johnston
  • 29/07/04 9.30 – 13.00 St John’s School, Barrhead
  • 03/08/04 9.30 – 13.00 Renfrew Town Hall, Renfrew
  • 06/08/04 9.30 – 13.00 Erskine Community Centre, Erskine
  • 09/08/04 9.30 – 13.00 Tannahill Centre, Paisley
  • 17/08/04 18.30 – 22.00 Town Hall, Paisley

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