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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Gordon Weir, Grace Weir, Rosee Macdonald, David McKie, Linda Smith, Andrew Wilson, Craig Crawford, Bill David, Norma David.


PC Graham Barclay.


Ken Macdonald, Amish Amin, Betty McArthur, Louise McClements, Brian Young.


The Minutes of the 09.11.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Grace Weir and Seconded, Robert Scarsbrook.

Matters/actions arising

St Andrew’s Night – Bar profit was £314 with £160 being given to the Sports and Hobbies Group. Actual numbers of tickets sold were not to hand but it was considered that the evening was a success. All outstanding ticket money should be given to Ken Macdonald in order that he can provide the overall monetary position at the next meeting in January 2005.The possibility of arranging more dances in the future will be discussed at the next meeting. The Chair passed on their thanks to all contributors to the evening.

Reliable Buses – Reply received from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner requesting more detail on the complaints and a copy of any reply from Reliable Buses. Linda Smith will request more feedback and HCC will respond when more information is available.

Johnstone High School Gym – Acknowledgement of our support for the redevelopment of the Gym has been received from Cllr Nimmo, Education Services and the Head of Resource Services.

Letterhead / Logo – The Chair is still pursuing this issue.

Community of the Year Awards – Craig Crawford, David McKie and Amish Amin attended and met HRH The Prince of Wales. Howwood received a Commendation for their web site. Our thanks to David for his excellent work in this regard.

  • Crime figures for November 2004
    • 5 crimes with 1 detection - 1 attempted fraud, 2 acts of vandalism, 1 road traffic offence (detected), 1 Theft
  • Other matters arising
    • Garthland Bridge – With regard to the repositioning of speed limits and other traffic management issues, HCC have been advised that the Police would have the final say in any changes. PC Graham Barclay was therefore asked who should be contacted regarding these issues and he advised that HCC should contact the Traffic Management Division based in Greenock. The speed of traffic over this bridge is also to be monitored.
A737 junction at Howwood

A reply has now been received from the Scottish Executive.

They have stated that, in accordance with a report from Amey, the low personal injury accident rate does not warrant additional works being undertaken. There has recently been an exercise undertaken to re-line and re-colour the road markings at this junction to better highlight the junction to motorists.

HCC will request sight of the Amey report, as their statistics do not seem to agree with the view of local residents.

HCC will also ask Amey how exactly they monitor this junction.

Corseford to Howwood

Concerns were again raised on the condition of this road, particularly with bad weather resulting in severe flooding.

HCC has already highlighted this issue to Renfrewshire Council and are awaiting their response.

Other roads issues

The steps and path to the school from Bowfield road are frequently flooded in times of heavy rain. This could be the result of bad or blocked drainage. Flooding has also been reported near the Railway Inn and also at the bottom end of the ‘Triangle’.

ROADS (Cont.)

The footpath along by the Garage has started to crumble and has become a danger to pedestrians.

HCC will investigate these issues and advise Renfrewshire Council accordingly.

Roads Department meeting

Double-parking / on pavement parking opposite the village shop was highlighted as a concern and several proposals were discussed. Craig Crawford and Andrew Wilson will consult with residents in the area regarding restricting parking in that area between the hours of 7am and 7pm by means of single yellow line and appropriate signage.

With regard to the speed of traffic through the village, we have been advised that there is to be a road safety campaign in the area and appropriate leaflets will be available for distribution throughout the village. HCC will request an update on this campaign in January 2005.

The Garthland Bridge issues were discussed at some length and, as noted in the foregoing Police Report, actions such as moving speed limits or restricting speed limits, installing traffic lights, etc. would have to be referred to the appropriate Police Authority.

Play park stair handrail

This has now been repaired.

Play Park ground works

With regard to the state of the ground works at the Play Park, HCC have now been advised that remedial work is to start in the near future.

Play park fence in disrepair

Although the planting of a Beech hedge was the preferred option of HCC, it is now agreed that this option would be unviable and will be pursued no further.

Reconsideration has been given to replacing the fence with one of more substantial quality.

As this is still considered to be a safety issue, HCC will revert to Renfrewshire Council with our alternative pricing and seek their response based on the safety concerns.

Access Forum

The Village Design Plan footpath signage and routes within Howwood were discussed and it was considered that the proposals were achievable.

Nothing further of relevance was reported.


Andrew Wilson and Craig Crawford attended and put forward our vision to link with the ‘Round the Loch’ plans.

Craig reported that Mr Steel is happy to consider and discuss our proposals for a gate / stile on the path to Lochwinnoch at the Fancy Bridge.

Railway Inn site

An e-mail has been received via the web site making complaint about the untidy state of the site adjacent to the Railway Inn.

HCC require more detail before we can progress the complaint.

Andrew Wilson will investigate

Fordbank House

Outline plans have been lodged with the Planning Department for the construction of a dwelling house and a nursing home on this site.

No actions can be considered until full planning permission has been sought and fuller details are provided.

Community Planning Forum

Andrew Wilson attended although less than one weeks notice of the meeting was provided.

There were few representatives in attendance and the forum only meets twice per year.

Nothing of relevance to report.

Planning Applications

Nothing of relevance to report.


Environmental services have no major objections to our plans for the ‘Triangle’ and have advised that they would be prepared to take on the ongoing maintenance when works have been completed.

Things are not going well with regard to our proposals for a safe route to the Sustrans cycle track. Costs are looking to be prohibitive and we are now finding that farmers will not entertain a route through their fields.


The Scottish Evening for local pensioners has been proposed for the 19th February 2005 and the Village Hall has been booked for that date from 5pm to 11pm.

Reference to this event will be made in the Newsletter due be distributed early in the New Year.

Tasks have been allocated as follows:

  • Programme of entertainment and booking of band – Bill David and Robert Scarsbrook
  • MC on the evening – Brian Young
  • Raffle – Ken and Rosee Macdonald
  • Tickets and drinks – Nick Walker and Linda Smith
  • Decoration of Hall – Grace Weir, Christine Scarsbrook and Norma David
  • Kitchen / food – Andrew Wilson and David McKie
  • Transport – Craig Crawford to consider our booking
  • Invites will be extended to Cllr Nimmo, the Rev. David Stewart and Father Joseph Balmer
  • All raffle donations should be directed to Ken and Rosee Macdonald

FETE 2005
  • Preparations are in good shape with most tasks being well in hand.
  • The main equipment is available but orders should be placed as soon as possible.
  • As an example of costs we have been advised that a giant slide (for younger age groups) will cost approx £50 - £90, Lions den (again for the younger age group) approx. £100 - £130, Bungee run approx. £150 and Gladiators approx. £100 - £130.
  • The hire of a slide and a bungee run has been suggested and a budget of £300 has been approved for this.
  • The school and the Village Hall will need to be booked in early January 2005. Andrew Wilson will arrange the booking of the Village Hall.
  • The next meeting of the working group will be Monday 17th January 2005 at 9pm.
Web site

Nothing to report.

Kirk Information Centre
  • The target for this information centre was January 2005 with the centre to be manned for two mornings per week (Tues. and Thur.) but the only volunteers so far have been Andrew Wilson, Betty McArthur and Craig Crawford.
  • A notice will be put in the Church Sunday sheet and the Village newsletter requesting volunteers for this initiative.
  • It is now agreed that the target date should be put back until February 2005.

No report.


As per the Agenda

  • Scottish Executive consultation on Transport Policy – Anyone interested in the consultation can obtain copies from the Secretary.
  • Two HCC members have now failed to attend 6 meetings and, in accordance with the Constitution, Rosee Macdonald will confirm the position with one member and Nick Walker will ascertain the position of the other.
  • There are still two vacancies available to be filled.
Lochwinnoch Sustainable Transport

A Group is being set up with the aim of improving the local transport of the area.

Anyone with an interest in this initiative should contact Lochwinnoch Community Council for more details.

Housing stock transfer

Lochwinnoch Community Council is trying to arrange a talk by Renfrewshire Council on this issue. Howwood tenants are welcome to indicate their interest.

A notice to this effect will be placed in the forthcoming newsletter and may possibly appear as an article in the local newspaper.

Community Council Forum

Attended by Nick Walker.

The next meeting will be 14th March 2005 at 6:30pm at which there will be a discussion on Anti Social Behaviour Orders.

There was nothing else of relevance to report.

Don’t Rubbish Renfrewshire Campaign

Andrew Wilson to investigate posters highlighting this campaign


TUESDAY 11TH January 2005 - 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Then: Tuesday 8th February 2005, 8th March 2005, 12th April 2005, 10th May 2005, etc.

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