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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Norma David, Gordon Weir, Nick Walker, Grace Weir, Bill David, Andrew Wilson, Rosee Macdonald, Betty McArthur, David McKie, Linda Smith, Ken Macdonald, David Bottomley.


Gayle Pollock (1st Howwood Guides), Noreen Pollock, PC Graham Barclay (K168), Alistair Campbell, Frank Mullen.


Brian Young, Amish Amin, Craig Crawford, Louise McClements.


The Minutes of the 13.07.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Norma David and Seconded, Rosee Macdonald.

Matters / Actions arising

ACHB – Grace Weir attended consultation in the Town Hall. There was a low attendance at this meeting (circa 20) and there was nothing new to report since the last meeting. The only issues of interest being the lack of public transport to the RAH and the lack of suitable parking. HCC will raise concerns regarding the pressures on RAH waiting times, public transport and parking issues.

Financial report – Ken Macdonald provided a draft Financial Report in advance of the AGM. Available funds are approx. £350 down on last year. It should be noted that HCC have provided an increased level of subscriptions and general donations this year. A full Financial report will be supplied at the AGM in October.

Smoking Consultation Document – Nick Walker will respond on behalf of HCC.

  • Crime figures for August 2004
    • 11 crimes with 6 detections - 1 theft by house breaking (Greenacres),1 attempted theft by house breaking, 3 assaults (2 detected), 1 theft, 1 theft of a motor vehicle,4 road traffic offences (all detected)
  • Other matters arising
    • Bogus workman incident – HCC advised of an incident at Midton Road and asked that the elderly take adequate care when answering their door to such callers. HCC will include an appropriate warning in their next newsletter and an article highlighting this danger will appear in the Gazette.
    • Youth drinking packs – The number of youths drinking in gangs is resulting in the build up of litter including cans and broken bottles. Specific incidences have been highlighted around the play park and at a lay-by towards Lochwinnoch at the Gartland Bridge. The Community Police will investigate and keep a watch at these places in particular.
    • Youth Club – Frank Mullen has highlighted incidences where it would appear that youths from outside Howwood along with some local youths have become rather unruly around the area of the Village Hall on nights that the Sports and Hobbies Group meets. The Community Police will call into the Group and advise them of this problem and will monitor the area for trouble. If it becomes required, HCC will also contact the Sports and Hobbies Group regarding these concerns.
    • Alistair Campbell – Alistair wished to record his thanks to the Community Police for their help and support regarding the issue of Fly tipping. Renfrewshire Council have now put up signs and carried out a clean up of the area affected. Any further instances of Fly tipping should still be reported to the police.
Elliston Road
  • Renfrewshire Council confirm that the resurfacing work has now been completed
  • All that remains to be repaired are the manhole covers and gully frames.
ROADS (Cont.)
HCC Road Faults initiative

Suggestion was for a map to be available on the web site (with ‘x marks the spot’) and a key as to what the problem is, where the problem is and when the problem was reported

This is now available on the web site and an article to this effect will be placed in the Gazette.

Hill Road junction with Bowfield Road

A suggestion was made that a mirror could be placed on the opposite side of this junction to give a better view of traffic passing up and down Bowfield Road thus making the exit from Hill Road safer.

The Council will not consider this suggestion although they are still in negotiation regarding the purchase of land to widen the road at this point.

Bowfield Road to Country Club

The pavement on this road and encroaching vegetation will be rectified at the earliest opportunity.

Gartland Bridge

Renfrewshire Council confirm that all improvements have now been carried out.

HCC still have issues regarding the supposed improvements and will request a meeting with the Road Safety Representative.

Overgrown Hedging at Midton Road/Bowfield Road

This has now been rectified.

Midton Road towards St Vincent’s Hospice

Overgrown hedging/trees to be reported to Renfrewshire Council for action.

Play park

Fence in disrepair – Renfrewshire Council have advised the following costs for repair: - £9171 (keeping the fence the same) or £3125 (for a different type of fence). HCC will seek a quote from a private company for replacement of the fence and also for the planting of hedging. The Council will then be contacted again for their recommendations.

Stair handrail – Renfrewshire Council have advised a cost of £1300 to repair this but HCC will revert stating that this is a Health and Safety issue and should be repaired at their expense.

Rubbish bin – This is now being emptied on a regular basis.

General state of ground works – No further information at this time.

Steps up to park – The trees and hedging at the steps from Main Street up to the park are now badly overgrown. HCC to contact Renfrewshire Council on this matter.


The Scottish Waste Awareness Group have advised that Howwood would be included in kerb side recycling collections with effect from April 2005 but this has not been confirmed by the Council.

HCC to seek confirmation from Renfrewshire Council

Mayfield to Main Street Path

Renfrewshire Council have now been contacted regarding the bad state of repair but there is no response to date.

Bulb planting day

Andrew Wilson proposed that HCC should purchase some bulbs and plant these in various areas around the village. Renfrewshire Council are in agreement with HCC for this initiative to go ahead and Bill David seconded the proposal.

A sum of £400 to be spent has been agreed in principle and the areas identified are: - Midton Road at railings along the play park, The banking up to the play park opposite the Howwood Inn, The grass area opposite the Post Office and ‘Fountain view’ and near the Station between the pavement and crash barrier.

The planting day will be Sunday 24th October 2004 and all wishing to be involved should meet in the Village Hall car park at 1:30pm.

Field next to Drygait/Torbracken

HCC to put a reminder on dog fouling in the next newsletter.

Dog bin at the play park

It has been highlighted that this bin is now overflowing.

HCC will contact appropriate authority to have the bin emptied on a regular basis.

Renfrewshire Access Forum

Attended by Andrew Wilson.

Nothing of interest to Howwood to report.

Carsewood site
  • Renfrewshire Council are seeking applications for the building of 6 to 8 houses on this site.
  • All offers to be submitted by 29th September 2004.
  • There is to be a joint offer by Danymac and another unknown company.
  • HCC have no objections.
Broadband mast

An application has been lodged with Renfrewshire Council for the erection of a mast at the old coach road from Linister to Earlshill.

This application is in connection with Malgus Broadband (Malcolm Clark) a wireless broadband service.

HCC support this application on the basis that it underpins the need for broadband availability within the Village.

Planning Applications

Nothing of relevance to report.


Access issues - Alistair Campbell of Bowfield Hotel and Country Club is gaining some cooperation but further talks are still required and more information will be available at a later date. Our thanks to Alistair for taking this issue on board.

Open areas/gap sites – Bill David has supplied plans for changes to the existing triangle and grants will now be sought to complete the works.

Cycle track - Councillor Nimmo has positive views regarding this plan and will arrange a meeting with relevant parties as soon as possible.

Community Planning Support Group – Nothing to report.

Information Centre – The Parish Church Foyer has been offered as a part time information centre akin to the one in Bridge of Weir. This needs to be investigated further as to what is required regarding information, knowledge, resources, opening times, etc. A working group has been set up to look at this issue and consists of Andrew Wilson and Betty McArthur. Craig Crawford will also be approached to ascertain the availability of any Church Elders.

  • Tickets For the dance on 20th November 2004 have now been printed and are available for sale from HCC at £5 per ticket.
  • Further meetings of the working group have still to be arranged.
FETE 2005
  • Nothing to report at this time.
  • A meeting of the working group will be arranged for Sunday 19th September 2004.
  • It has been decided to continue with the Council supplied tree for now.
  • HCC will put on the agenda for April 2005 to discuss any required changes
Web Site

Nothing to report.

Village Information

Nothing to report.

  • It was proposed that another newsletter be distributed throughout the village before the October AGM.
  • Andrew will coordinate the newsletter with assistance from David McKie, Linda Smith, Betty McArthur, Bill David and Norma David.
  • Any articles will be required by 30th September at the latest.
  • All members of HCC will assist in the distribution which is expected to be the weekend of 9th/10th October.
  • The proposed contents will include articles such as: - The AGM, Local Groups, Bulb planting day, Warning on bogus callers, Web site and Community of the Year Awards, Play park, etc.

No report.

  • There are now two vacancies available to be filled and this will be re-iterated at the AGM
  • The Chair reminded members that all Community Councillors will need to go through re-election again at the end of next year.

As per the Agenda

  • CC Forum AGM (4.10.04, 6:30pm) – Nick Walker will attend. If anyone else is interested please contact Nick Walker or Andrew Wilson
  • Joint Health & Social Care Board Papers – Copies available from the Secretary
  • A & C Health Council Newsletter – Copies available from the Secretary.
  • Planning Aid Newsletter– Copies available from the Secretary.
1st Howwood Guides
  • Volunteers are requested to become Guiders in order to help reduce the size of the present waiting list for Guide places.
  • HCC will include this request in the next Newsletter.
  • Any volunteers please contact Gayle Pollock.
  • BT Poles have been erected at the Village Triangle.
  • It is confirmed that no planning permission was required and it is unlikely that any retrospective action can be taken.
  • This does not interfere with HCC proposed plans for the triangle and so no further action will be taken.
Car Boot Sale / Table Top Sale
  • It was proposed that HCC could hold an appropriate car boot / table top sale during our annual Spring Clean.
  • It is not felt that this will clash with fund raising by other village groups.
  • The proposed date would be during March 2005.
  • This proposal will be discussed more fully towards the end of this year.

TUESDAY 12TH October 2004 - 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

AGM Wednesday 20th October 2004 – 7.00 pm, including ‘History of Howwood’ by John Gray.

Thereafter: Tuesdays 9th November 2004, 14th December 2004, 11th January 2005, 8th February 2005, etc.

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