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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2004



Nick Walker, Robert Scarsbrook, Christine Scarsbrook, Gordon Weir, Brian Young, Grace Weir, Louise McClements, Rosee Macdonald, David McKie.


PC Eamon FitzPatrick.


Ken Macdonald, David Bottomley, Norma David, Craig Crawford, Amish Amin, Bill David, Andrew Wilson, Betty McArthur, Linda Smith, Cllr Nimmo, PC Tracey Knox-McLean, PC Graham Barclay.


The Minutes of the 12.10.2004 meeting were adopted – Proposed, Rosee Macdonald and Seconded, Grace Weir.

Matters/actions arising

Bulb planting – Bulb planting around the village has now been completed. Thanks to all those who attended.

Reliable Buses – There has still been no response to the letter forwarded to Reliable and SPT regarding the poor standard of service.

Play park gate latch – The condition of this gate and the self-closing mechanism has been passed on to the Playground Project.

Bus stop – The bus stop outside the Post Office has now had bus stop markings painted on the road.

  • Crime figures for October 2004
    • 3 crimes with 1 detections - 1 vehicle break in (St Vincent’s Hospice), 1 juvenile assault (Detected), 1 Break in to a crashed vehicle (theft of stereo equipment).
  • Other matters arising
    • Neighbourhood Watch – HCC were advised that membership of a neighbourhood watch scheme could result in a reduction of householders home insurance premiums.
Corseford to Howwood

The bad condition of this road has been highlighted due to the recent tragic accident.

There are no longer cats eyes nor line markings on this road and there has also been a high incidence of flooding.

HCC will highlight this issue to Renfrewshire Council


A large pothole has been reported on Bridesmill Road on the left hand side after the junction with Kibbleston Road.

This will also be reported to Renfrewshire Council.

A737 junction at Howwood

A reply has now been received from Amey regarding the safety issues highlighted

Amey have stated that they have followed Scottish Executive guidelines regarding this junction and that we should refer the issues to them.

There has been no reply from the Scottish Executive to date.

Other roads issues

Andrew Wilson will arrange a meeting with the Roads Department.

Anyone interested in attending this meeting should contact Andrew.

Brian Young and Robert Scarsbrook have indicated their interest in attending dependant upon the time of day.

Play park stair handrail

The dangerous part of this handrail has now been removed.

This may be a prelude to Renfrewshire Council effecting a repair.

Play park fence in disrepair

3 quotes for the replacement of this fence have now been received.

The quotes are: £14.5k, £10.8k, and £8.5k but no quote has yet been received regarding the supply of Beech hedging.

The planting of a Beech hedge is still the preferred option of HCC.

Access Forum

Nothing of relevance to report.


There is to be a meeting at the end of November and Andrew Wilson and Craig Crawford will attend.

This meeting may provide an opportunity to have Howwood included in their ‘Round the Loch’ plans.

‘Rannoch Lea’ access rights

Planning Department have been contacted and they are presently reviewing whether there was a need for planning permission.

There has been no further update on this situation.

Broadband mast

Planning permission has been granted.

There has been no date set for completion as yet.

Planning Applications

Nothing of relevance to report.


This has now been devolved to the Howwood Woodlands and Wildlife Group and they had their first meeting on 1st November 2004 to discuss the Village Design Plan initiatives ie access to the Sustrans cycle track.

Renfrewshire Council have put forward 4 options in this respect and copies of their proposals can be obtained from Andrew Wilson.

None of the options were fully suitable and HWW have responded to the proposals providing a variation to the North side option. This variation is the preferred option for HCC.

Garthland Bridge will always be an issue with regards to safety but HWW will continue to seek options in this regard.

Other topics within the Village Design Plan, such as the ‘Triangle’ and other internal footpaths will also be progressed by HWW in the future.

Funding for most of these projects is likely to come from various Grants and Andrew Wilson is presently investigating possibilities.

  • There are still some tickets left and HCC members were urged to sell their tickets as soon as possible.
  • A drinks license has been obtained and HCC members are asked to help the Sports and Hobbies Group with the bar as required.
  • Tartan rugs for decoration of the Hall are requested – please pass to Grace Weir as soon as possible.
  • Flyers will be organised and a further article will be put in the local paper.
FETE 2005
  • It was advised that the archery cannot now attend and equipment hire has still to be addressed.
  • Ideas for a main raffle prize are still being investigated.
  • There was a suggestion put forward that an approach be made to the Green Wood society at Muirshiel. They may be prepared to put on a display of their work and also provide a demonstration.
  • There will be another meeting of the working committee on Monday 6th December 2004.
Web site
  • There were 3600 visits to the web site during October and more notices have appeared on the web site notice board.
  • Two new e-mail addresses have been requested by residents.

No report.


HCC were reminded of the time of the service to be held at the Howwood war memorial and were asked to gather at 3pm for the service to begin at 3.10pm.


As per the Agenda

  • RC Review of CC Scheme – views on various issues were sought. HCC have already responded to the effect that the Scheme is working fine in its present format and there is no need to review further.
  • Johnstone High School – The High School is seeking the support of various Community Councils for a gymnasium/games hall in redevelopment. HCC will respond confirming our support.
  • Jim Sheridan MP – A Fireworks Regulations fact sheet has been provided for information. Copies can be obtained from the Secretary.
  • Planning Aid for Scotland – Membership due for renewal. HCC will forward the appropriate fee.

Amish Amin has intimated that he will be unable to attend the next 2 meetings due to other commitments. HCC have agreed to accept his apologies for these two meetings

Betty McArthur has also intimated that she is unable to attend for an uncertain period of time. She will confirm as soon as possible the number of meetings involved and HCC have granted a leave of absence meantime.

There are still two vacancies available to be filled

Torbracken Lane

The repairs to this lane have now been completed.

Letterhead / logo

It was suggested that HCC should investigate the possibilities of having an official letterhead and logo commissioned.

Agreement was unanimous and Nick Walker will take this forward.

Community Web Site of the Year

HCC were reminded that the Awards Ceremony and Dinner are to be held on Friday 26th November 2004 in Edinburgh.

David McKie and two others will attend


TUESDAY 14TH December 2004 - 7.30 pm, Howwood Village Hall.

Then: Tuesday 11th January 2005, 8th February 2005, 8th March 2005, 12th April 2005, etc.

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