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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2007



Nick Walker (Chair), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Robert Scarsbrook (Vice Chair), Margie Stewart, Douglas Paxton, Bill David (Treasurer), Norma David,


Councillor John Caldwell, Councillor John Hood, Flora Cunning, Iain Cunning, Vincent Carlton


Linda Smith, David McKie, Councillor Tracie McGee, Councillor Iain McMillan,


The Minutes of the 12.06.2007 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Jackie Mackenzie and Seconded by Grace Weir



  • Chair thanked all who assisted at the Fete. Special thanks to villagers for assisting with the various tasks on the day and to those who attended.  General feedback has been positive.
  • Debriefing and thoughts for next year
    • Treasurer provided an update on Fete finances. Once final monies are received and paid out a formal account will be provided at the next meeting.  Treasurer requested that in future if all monies collected could be bundled by denomination to assist with banking. Raffle sales were encouraging.
    • Wind Band concert held at the Church of Scotland raised 228 net subject to final accounts.  A donation of 50 was agreed for Church of Scotland. Chair thanked the Rev Stewart for use of the Church.
    • Suggestion that a contractor could supply and run Bouncy Castle, merry go rounds and food stalls. Contact details will be passed to the Secretary by Cllr Hood. HCC will consider this matter.
    • Agreement to apply for grant funding from Renfrewshire Council (RC) towards cost of 2008 Fete. Expenses which could be requested from a grant include Bouncy Castles, food hygiene courses and a Public Address (PA) system
    • Secretary to check if a PA system could be borrowed from RC and if RC provides food hygiene courses.
    • Cost of a food hygiene course from Reid Kerr is 40 for a one day course.  AW, RS and GW indicated that they would be willing to take the course.  DP to ascertain length of validity of a food hygiene certificate.
    • As HCC is now a member of ABC they will be contacted for an estimate for provision of a PA system. Cllr Hood indicated that Sound Control in Glasgow also supply PA systems and thought that cost would be around 350.
    • Discussion on the difficulties of running the burger stall and the complications of regulations. HCC to consider alternatives for 2008 including hot plate to replace BBQ, hot dogs, healthy options.
    • Chair thanked the dog club for attending the Fete and for their hard work in organising this activity. The club raised funds for Gray Hound Awareness charity.  A donation of 50 was agreed for the dog club.
    • Kilbarchan Pipe Band was well received and is to be invited to attend the 2008 Fete.  If they cannot do so then an alternative Pipe Band will be contacted e.g. Houston Pipe Band
    • Battle re-enactment society ‘Medieval Clydesdale’ was well received and is keen to come back in 2008. JMack to make enquires on availability and if more members of the society could attend.
    • Football competition was enjoyed by the young players.
    • A letter of appreciation was received from fund raisers from Dykebar Hospital who had taken a stall at the Fete for a fund raising activity.
    • A ‘wild west’ group was suggested for 2008 Fete.  Secretary to contact Cllr McMillan for details.
    • Provisional date for next Fete is 21 June 2008 which might clash with other events. Treasurer to check past records for an indication of whether or not fund raising is impacted if there is a clash of events in the area.
    • Christ the King group is due to provide teas at the next Fete.
Contact Details
  • Aircraft Noise Telephone line
    0141 848 4644 (answer machine)
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help Line
    0800 169 1283
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox
    0141 840 3164
  • Glasgow Wind Band, R & C Scarsbrook
    01505 704083 [email protected]
  • Fly Tipping
    0845 230 4090
  • Minicoach Tours
  • Police
    01505 404000
  • Renfrewshire Council
  • R.C. Roads email address
  • Roads & Lighting Faults
    0141 842 4466 (M-F), 0141 889 2314
  • Scottish Water Contact
    0141 355 5187
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson
    01505 702392 [email protected]
  • Village Web Site
  • Youth Nuisance Help Line
    01505 325030

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