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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2007



Nick Walker (Chair), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Jackie Mackenzie, Margie Stewart, Bill David (Treasurer), Norma David, Douglas Paxton, Linda Smith


Cllr John Caldwell, Cllr Iain McMillan PC Andrew MacLeman, Gillian McLarnon, Sharon McLarnon,


Christine Scarsbrook, Grace Weir, 
Robert Scarsbrook, David McKie, Cllr John Hood, Cllr Tracie McGee


The Minutes of the 14.08.2007 meeting were amended as the Planning section was omitted.

  • Following a site visit to the Hotel car park, the application to build a house there was withdrawn
  • Application for Nursery at 2 Dreadnought Buildings was deferred for a site visit.
  • Wind Farm application for a 24, two megawatt wind turbines has been submitted to North Ayrshire Council. It falls just below the capacity threshold for consideration by the Scottish Government. CC agreed to object in terms of previously stated position on wind farm development in Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park.

With these amendments, the minutes were adopted – proposed Linda Smith, seconded Jackie Mackenzie.

  • August 2007
    • 2 road traffic offences, 1 assault, 1 vandalism, 1 breach of the peace, 1 theft.
  • Comments on speeding traffic on Station Road had been passed on to the Traffic Police.
  • The change in the Electoral wards will mean a change in “beats". This is unlikely to have a significant effect on Howwood. PC MacLeman will up date us on any developments.
  • Inspector Laing is now in charge of Community Policing in Johnstone, and is keen to attend CC meetings. December 2007 suggested as a time he could attend; PC MacLeman to see if this suits.
  • Window in Parish Church Hall broken again; matter to be reported to the Police.
Scottish Water Pumping Station

Scottish Water has contacted the household bordering the poorly maintained service road off Mayfield Crescent.

Mayfield Gas Site

Scotia Gas Network has not replied; another letter to be sent with copy going to Councillors.

Park Consultation

Cllrs managed to get a reply from Shona MacDougal (Head of Environmental Services) offering to meet and discuss HCC’s proposals. The question of how much the football pitch is used, and therefore how realistic it would be to lose it in favour of a MUGA (Multi-use Games Area) remains unanswered. Discussion followed about growing interest in Tennis, and absence of any facilities in the village, and desirability of cycle track and proper paths round the park. Cllrs Cladwell and McMillan to arrange a meeting with representatives of Environmental Services and HCC to progress these matters.

Spring Bulb Planting & Grass Cutting

discussion about the mess left behind every time the Council grass cutting team comes out in the village. View was that is was worse than ever. Also the grass verges of Station Road as far as Garthland Bridge are no longer being mown, this together with overgrown hedges means pedestrian access is harder than ever. Cllrs aware of grass issue across Renfrewshire and discussed during “Early Warning Walkabout” with Council officials on 11.9.2007.

One of the proposed sites for bulb planting is beside Station Road between Station Avenue and the Railway line. It seems that most of the bulbs planted in this area 2 years ago by HCC have been destroyed by RC weed killing. RC to be advised, and assurances needed that they will desist. Bulbs planting scheduled for weekend of 27 and 28 October. Meet at Triangle 2pm both days.


Meeting reminded that extra blue boxes, green boxes and brown bins available to the public from Underwood Road depot. Cllrs informed us the Renfrewshire is doing well with recycling, now at 28%, but penalties will accrue if progress is not maintained; AW and NW added comments on an excellent presentation at CCs Forum by Alison Ewing (Recycling Officer). Recycling has started in the workplace at RC, and at Reid Kerr. Others commented on recycling now common in children’s nurseries, and in schools through the Eco Schools scheme.

Black Bins George Street

Complaints received by the CC and Cllrs about black bins belonging to residents of George Street, being left on Main Street pavement, several days after the rubbish has been uplifted. People unable to get past on the pavement. Cllrs to aks Environmental Services to address this.

Energy Efficiency Advice Centre

Offering to come and speak to CCs on renewable energy, etc. issues and schemes. Meeting decided this would be welcome, but a separate meeting would be required, probably in January.


There were c 19 000 visits to the website in August. Recoding has started, which should mean that the Guest Book and Forum could be re-instated free from e-graffiti.


Suggested that one should be produced for distribution in mid November, to include information on Christmas festivities, Christmas Lighting ceremony, Scottish Evening, Energy Efficiency meeting, and Crime Prevention information (PC MacLeman to send this to AW).

Dreadnought Building

Application for day nursery was declined, apparently due to noise and traffic. HCC remains supportive of plans that would provide extra nursery places in the village.


letter of objection sent to North Ayrshire Council, against the reduced capacity 24 two megawatt turbines proposed for a site in Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park. Members reminded that there is an e petition organized by the Ladymuir Wind Factory Action Group on the Scottish Parliament website if they wish to register their concern about wind farm development in environmentally sensitive areas.

Pet Crematorium

still to be heard by RC Planning Board; meeting reminded that HCC objected to the plans, following an environmental impact report produced by the applicant. There has now been an update to this which attempts to minimise the relevance of Midton Wood’s designation as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation.

  • Fete 2007 - Comparison now possible between 2006 and 2007 figures. In 2007, there was a slightly larger take from the gate and the bar did better, both of which are likely to reflect the weather. Bouncy Castles did not do well, perhaps because of location and over supply. Previous suggestion form Cllrs about a Bouncy Castle, etc. operator providing this service at no cost to be considered. BBQ may be available by this method too. The raffle did a lot better than previous year, due to combination of better organisation, cheaper printing due to longer notice, much longer sales period, and the purchase of only one major prize. It was agreed that next year’s fête date be 21 June 2008 despite a probable clash with Kilbarchan Agricultural show.

  • Details of PA systems from ABC purchasing to be circulated, for decision as soon as possible, to apply to Local Grant Board.
  • Storage Facilities - Hillfoot Drive site is a vacacnt site adjacent to existing garages. A container may be placed there buyt may require planning permission and may not be acceptable to residents. Cllr McMillan to see if RC can provide us with container. Alternative siting may include Hall carpark, but that could significantly reduce parking capacity which already overflows at times, or in eth school grounds where there is already such storage.
  • War Memorial and Act of Remembrance - Cllrs visited the memorial garden on their Early Warning Walkabout and confirm that it has been tidied up; its future care is being looked into. Cllrs agreed to ask if Neighbourhood Forum would be able to pay for memorial garden sign. AW to ask Scott Allan if Roads would be able to cover the cost.

  • Remembrance Service to be held Sunday 11 November at 12.30pm as in recent years. This clashes with the service in Johnstone, however at least one Cllr will attend Howwood service. AW to arrange similar wreath to 2006 and to arrange piper, etc.
  • Scottish Evening - This is confirmed for Saturday 9 Feb 2008. Largs & District Fiddle Orchestra can attend.
  • Church school holiday club - MS reported this was well-attended and enjoyable.
  • Community Planning - AW to write to Stuart Graham to ask that at least one Confernce be held on an evening.
  • Hall Ants - Ants seem to have been irradicated from the Village Hall.
  • Road repair suggestions - Several locations were suggested and AW will feed back to Scott Allan. Halhill Road, the Smith/McLaurin roundabout at Cochranemill/Kilbarchan Roads Johnstone and the roundabout where one would join the A737 at the foot of Easwald Bank.

Cllr McMillan spoke about the need for investment in Council Housing.

  • ASCC membership survey filled in at the meeting.
  • Corporate Services Dept annual report available on request from secretary.
  • Christmas Lights turning on ceremony provisionally set for Friday 7 Dec 7.30 pm.
  • Bus routes still no response. AW to pursue.
  • Core Paths Draft plan AW to e-mail all members with the draft letter of response; any comments to him by Friday 21st Sept.

AGM Friday 5th October at 7.30 pm in Howwood Village Hall with talk on “Autumn Gardening” by Joe Waclawski

Next ordinary HCC meeting: Tuesday 13th November 2007, at 7:30 pm

Contact Details
  • Aircraft Noise Telephone line
    0141 848 4644 (answer machine)
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help Line
    0800 169 1283
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox
    0141 840 3164
  • Glasgow Wind Band, R & C Scarsbrook
    01505 704083 [email protected]
  • Fly Tipping
    0845 230 4090
  • Minicoach Tours
  • Police
    01505 404000
  • Renfrewshire Council
  • R.C. Roads email address
  • Roads & Lighting Faults
    0141 842 4466 (M-F), 0141 889 2314
  • Scottish Water Contact
    0141 355 5187
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson
    01505 702392 [email protected]
  • Village Web Site
  • Youth Nuisance Help Line
    01505 325030

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