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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2007



Nick Walker (Chair), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Christine Scarsbrook (Minutes), Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Robert Scarsbrook (Vice Chair), Douglas Paxton, Norma David


Councillor Tracie McGee, PC Andrew MacLeman, Scott Allan and Gordon Blair (Renfrewshire Council (RC), Roads), Councillor Iain McMillan


Margie Stewart, Bill David (Treasurer), Linda Smith, David McKie, Councillor John Caldwell, Councillor John Hood


The Minutes of the 11.09.2007 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Norma David and Seconded by Grace Weir.

The Minutes of the AGM 5.10.2007 were agreed in principle pending formal adoption at the next AGM.


Being the first regular meeting after the AGM, the subject of Office Bearers was due to be discussed.

  • Chair had previously given notice that he would stand down after the 2007 AGM.
  • The Minute Secretary also indicated a desire to retire from minute taking at this time.
  • Both the Secretary and the Treasurer indicated that they were happy to continue their duties for a further term.
  • Vice Chair was happy to be considered for nomination to Chair.
  • Nominations for Chair, Vice Chair and Minutes Secretary were invited prior to the meeting.
  • Unopposed and unanimously elected Chair, Robert Scarsbrook.
  • Unopposed and unanimously accepted as Minute Secretary, Douglas Paxton.
  • Unopposed and unanimously elected as Vice Chair, Linda Smith.

The Chair passed to RS at this time. The new Chair expressed thanks and appreciation to the outgoing Chair for all his hard work and fine example since taking over this role. This was endorsed by the meeting.  Thanks were also given to the previous Minutes Secretary for her work over the past few years.  The new Chair also welcomed the new Vice Chair and Minutes Secretary.

  • Oct 2007
    • 5 crimes/offences;  1 assault, 1 Road Traffic Act, 1 theft form a car, 1 theft from locker room, 1 breach of the peace.
  • Points Raised
    • Update on the local Public Consultation meetings attended by senior Police Officers.  One of the key concerns raised at the meeting has been on disorder.  A further meeting will be held in Johnstone Town Hall on 25 November 2007 at 2pm.  The Police are keen for members of the public to attend and have their say.
    • A series of 4 break-ins to works transit vans in the village where tools and plant were taken was reported to the meeting.  An appeal for any information regarding these thefts or anyone acting suspiciously on Thursday 8 November 2007 was requested by the Police.  Similar thefts are also taking place in neighboring locations.
    • A visit by Inspector Laing, Community Policing, Johnstone was proposed for the11 December meeting.  Attendance to be confirmed.
    • Crime prevention materials for publication with the next Newsletter were requested.  PC MacL to supply these as soon as possible.  The theme will be on door step crime.
    • Crime figures for Sep 2007 to be provided at the next meeting.
    • Ongoing concern at the rubbish accumulation and associated activity at the Garthland Bridge lay-by area.  Police were requested to keep an eye on this area.
    • Ongoing concern at speeding traffic into the village at Station Road especially early morning 7:30 -> 8:00am.  Police asked to assist.
  • Scott Allan (SA) made his regular visit to the meeting and introduced Gordon Blair (GB) also from Roads.  GB heads up the Customer Responses Team within the Departments and has been instrumental in setting up the unit. GB is also responsible for economic development and planning within the department.  The meeting was delighted to hear that the purpose of GB’s team is ‘here to serve the public’.
  • A Roads website initiative to raise profile of Roads matters and improve customer service was mentioned.
  • Customer Services email address is at the end of these minutes
  • It was noted that the Roads Department will be moving to new council premises in Cotton Street on 26.11.2007.
Roads Cont.
  • An update on outstanding Roads matters was given at the meeting
    • Roadhead Roundabout - Work has started.  A convoy system will be in place during Christmas period and delays can be expected.  Likely impact on traffic volume in the surrounding areas.  The works are due for completion around Feb/ March 2008. 
    • M8 White Cart Viaduct – Lanes have been narrowed to allow works to continue whilst minimising impact to road users.
    • Braehead Shopping Centre – November is the busiest time for the centre resulting in traffic congestion.  New traffic light system now in place but the signage could be better.  Newly opened Silverburn Shopping Centre in Pollock, Glasgow might deflect some traffic.
    • Speed Watch – Kit is now available and should be available for preview at February 2008 meeting if not before.
    • Surface condition of Mayfield Drive – not considered in need of immediate repair but will be added to the list for 2008/09 programme of repairs.
    • Bowfield Road / Hillside junction – Speed table still to be costed.
    • Kilnknowe Cottages / Midton Road - 30 MPH signage move is in the queue for order to move.
    • New Village Shop parking order - drawing of proposed restrictions was provided at the meeting. The proposed restriction for the 2 parking bays is for a 30 minutes parking time limit effective   seven days a week.  The restriction is enforceable under new regulations i.e. anyone ignoring the restrictions can be charged.  RS to contact shop owner for feedback and advise SA of outcome.
  • Poor road surface at Carsewood Avenue – ongoing issue.  This area is part private and part public responsibility for repairs.  Public area being considered for a future programme of works.  A question was raised regarding how to go about having the private section adopted by RC.  SA advised that resident in the private section should write to RC Roads seeking adoption of the area by the Council.
  • Blocked drains – New Village Shop area.  Scottish Water has been out to investigate the flooding problem but nothing has been done to fix the problem.  RC has been asked to chase this matter with Scottish Water as the flooding is a hazard.
  • Beith Road Spateston - Condition of road is said to be as a result of public utility repair failings.
  • Market Hill / Kilmacolm – Scottish Water issue.
  • War Memorial Signage – signage is on order.
  • Triangle area road layout - drawing of proposed changes had been produced by Roads for public consideration.  Feedback from residents had been passed back to Roads in advance of this meeting.
    • One suggestion from resident was for a one way system but RC Roads are not keen on this suggestion as it is likely to encourage speeding.
    • A designated crossing place is still to be considered by Roads and they were asked to come back with a view.
    • The CC is happy with the proposals but Roads are still to carry out the final checks before proceeding.
    • A question was raised regarding provision of a limited ability person’s parking bay in the area.  SA advised that an application form must be completed by the resident for consideration by the Council.  Details are available on the Council’s Roads website.
  • Four new Roads matters were raised at this meeting
    • Greenacres Curling Club – road bend warning signage has been removed possibly stolen.  Roads asked if this can be replaced as the bend would warrant some warning to road users.
    • Flooding / drainage at Auchengrange Farm, Belltrees Road
    • Roadhead Roundabout – Lack of footpath in this area.  Suggestion from land owner to remediate the problem has been received.   Cllr McGee will pass on details to Roads for further investigation.
    • Water leakage and condition of pavement between Village Store and lane.
  • Chair thanked both SA and GB for attending the meeting.  Next visit by SA agreed for the12 February 2008 meeting.
SCOTTISH EVENING – Saturday 9 February 2008

The Village Hall has been booked for the event.  Cost of hall hire has increased by an additional 30 for special cleaning costs.  As there is no viable alternative venue and as this is a much anticipated event by our seniors the additional cost will have to be met.  Cost for hire of the hall for this event in future will be subject of a grant request to the Council.

  • A fiddle orchestra has been booked for the event
  • Scottish Country Dancing group will be contacted re participation.  It is hoped that attendees will be encouraged to dance.
  • All CC members will be required to help on the night. 
  • Local Councillors are to be invited.

Chair advised that environment matters will be dealt with on a 3 monthly basis similar to Roads.  Councillors suggested that RC Environmental Services representative be invited to attend.  It was agreed that Secretary should extend an invitation.  Target first meeting will be either Jan or March 2008.

Scottish Water Pumping Station

No update.

Mayfield Gas Site

No progress with Scotia Gas Network.  Correspondence passed to Councillors and assistance requested.

Triangle Fencing

No update on the replacement section required due to damage caused by RC works. 

Park Consultation

Awaiting briefing from Environmental Services.  At earlier meeting it was confirmed that the football pitch area is to remain but the future of the pavilion is still under discussion.

Spring Bulb Planting

Bulbs now planted.  There was a good turn out during the planting weekend.  Chair thanked all who participated.

  • Areas which were planted included the fringe of the park along Main Street from the steps to Mayfield Drive, grass area opposite the Post Office, under plating of the birch trees in the park and front of Village Hall.
  • The welcome to the village tubs were also replanted.
Black Bins – George Street

Cllr McMillan to chase up Environmental Service on this matter.

Energy Efficiency

A public meeting will be held on Tuesday 15 Jan 2008.  Notification will be placed in the Newsletter.

Dog Bin - Main Street At The Park

Report that this bin has been vandalised.  Cllr McGee to advise Environmental Services.


Chair advised that information / web matters would move to a 3 monthly review period.


Next newsletter due mid Nov 2007.  Topics will include Crime prevention, Scottish Evening, Energy Efficiency meeting and switch on of the Christmas Lights.

  • CC Storage Facilities – School not agreeable to site the storage within the school grounds.  Cllr McMillan to seek options from RC.
  • Bus Routes – Difficulty progressing the matter of Gillens bus route up Bowfield Road.  Cllrs suggested contacting SPT again to check if the matter had been progressed.

Chair advised that nothing has been received for consideration.  Planning would be discussed only if anything was received.

  • Cllr McMillan provided an update to the meeting.
  • Decentralisation Scheme – RC has launched a scheme of decentralisation to give communities more of a say in how public services can best meet local priorities. RC is to consult in the next few weeks with various community bodies and groups to help shape how this scheme might work. 
  • Housing Business Plan – RC is asking Scottish Government to support a partnership deal to invest funding to modernise its housing stock.
  • Scottish Government Budget – due 14 Nov 2007.  Details of how RC will be impacted will not be known until mid Dec 2007. 
  • Police consultation meeting – members of the public encouraged to attend these meetings.  Noted a change to police shift patterns.
  • Johnstone Town Centre – Christmas Lights are due to be switched on 24 Nov 2007.
  • Councillors now settling in well and getting better known in the area.
  • Attended Glasgow Airport extensions works and was impressed with the professionalism of those involved.  Noted that Airport is either directly or indirectly a major employer in Renfrewshire.
  • Cllr McGee recently returned from maternity leave had nothing to add to the report.
  • Cllrs will be moving to new RC premises at Renfrewshire House Building in Paisley, telephone numbers will remain the same.
  • School – Notice Board - Request received from school requesting CC purchase a notice board for display at the school gates.  The cost of notice board is c800 - 900.  CC agreed to make a donation if the school wish to undertake fundraising activities.
  • RC – POD - RC has a mobile unit, a pod, which can be deployed in areas where no Council offices exist.  The unit can be used for meetings, education, accessing information etc.  Cllrs requested ideas for usage.  CC to obtain further details.
  • RCVS - Newsletter – RCVS has new address.  Contact Secretary for details.
  • Friends of the Earth Climate March – 8 December 2007 -   Anyone interested should meet at West Street Glasgow underground station - contact Secretary for details.
  • Renfrewshire Crime Prevention Panel -  This panel has been resurrected and is looking for representatives to attend.  Secretary will ask for minutes initially.

Request from David McKie for a six month leave of absence from attending meetings due to work commitments.  Unanimously agreed.  Chair to contact DMcK.

Howwood Christmas Lights

Switch on will be on Friday 7 Dec 2007 at 7:30pm.  All welcome.

Glasgow Wind Band Christmas Concert

Concert will be given at Hyndland Parish Church, Glasgow on the evening of Thursday 20 December 2007. Tickets cost 6 and 4 concession.  Limited space available on coach provided by Minicoach Tours.  Contact details at end of these minutes.

Remembrance Service

Excellent turn out again this year.  Chair thanked all who participated with special thanks to Rev David Stewart, Alexis for musical accompaniment and to Morven for piping the lament.


Tuesday 11 December 2007, at 7:30 pm Howwood Village Hall.

Thereafter, second Tuesday monthly – 8 January 2008, 12 February 2008, (Scott Allan RC Roads to attend), 12 March 2008 etc.

Contact Details
  • Aircraft Noise Telephone line
    0141 848 4644 (answer machine)
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help Line
    0800 169 1283
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox
    0141 840 3164
  • Glasgow Wind Band, R & C Scarsbrook
    01505 704083 [email protected]
  • Fly Tipping
    0845 230 4090
  • Minicoach Tours
  • Police
    01505 404000
  • Renfrewshire Council
  • R.C. Roads email address
  • Roads & Lighting Faults
    0141 842 4466 (M-F), 0141 889 2314
  • Scottish Water Contact
    0141 355 5187
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson
    01505 702392 [email protected]
  • Village Web Site
  • Youth Nuisance Help Line
    01505 325030

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