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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2007



Nick Walker (Chair), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Robert Scarsbrook (Vice Chair), Douglas Paxton, Linda Smith, David McKie


Councillor John Caldwell, Councillor Tracie McGee, PC Andrew MacLeman, Scott Allan (Renfrewshire Council (RC), Roads), Gillian McLarnon, Sharon McLarnon, Terry Higgins, Ian Weir, Laura Storrie


Margie Stewart, Bill David (Treasurer), Norma David, Councillor John Hood, Councillor Iain McMillan


The Minutes of the 10.07.2007 meeting – correction to Other Matters Arising b) Roads, point xii – should read ‘Chair noted an improvement in progress on some matters but not others since Scott Allan begun attending meeting.’
Minutes adopted – Proposed by Douglas Paxton and Seconded by Grace Weir.

  • June 2007
    • 9 crimes/offences with 5 detections;  2 attempted theft of fish, 2 vandalism, 1 assault, 1 theft, 2 breach of the peace, 1 speeding
  • July 2007
    • 5 crimes / offences with 1 detection; 2 theft, 1 assault, 1 breach of the peace, 1 vandalism.
  • Points Raised
    • Police apologised for not attending July meeting.  This was due to activities at Glasgow Airport.
    • Update provided on the Youth Project at Castle Semple which will be run again in 2008.
    • Speeding by buses through the village especially at Station Road was raised as an issue.  Police are aware of the problem and noted that a recent speeding offence was related to a bus.
    • Chair expressed thanks to Police for their efforts in trying to stop speeding traffic.
    • Youths gathering at steps opposite Howwood Inn raised as a concern.
    • Litter problems around the Garthland Bridge area was noted
    • Fly tipping problems were discussed and a view expressed that public may need reminded that arrangements can be made with the Council to uplift larger items for a small fee. Council tenants have free uplift.   Cllr Caldwell asked to raise matter with RC.
    • A letter has been received from Trish Godman MSP looking for support for a petition requesting more police on the beat.  This matter was discussed and concluded that more information is required before a decision could be made.  Agreement to invite Chief Superintendent to a future meeting.  PC MacLeman will take this back and update the September meeting.
  • Scott Allan (SA) provided an update on progress on Roads matters
  • Resurfacing work has made a difference to roads in and around the village.
  • Surface condition of Mayfield Drive has been inspected.  Inspector advised that there was no immediate need for repairs.  SA asked to review this matter.
  • Speed Watch Roads Safety leaflets have been delivered.  Rollout of speed signs in the region will include Howwood, possibly by September.  Volunteers will be required to man the signs. 
  • Gritting at Upper Midton Road – Explanation of how road gritting priorities were revised some years ago.  Letter of explanation will be sent to the resident who raised the matter.  This winter is forecast to be harder than last year.
  • New Village shop parking order will be dealt with after higher priority areas are finalised.
  • Roadhead Roundabout work could start as early as 10 September 2007 dependent upon contract being finalised.
  • White Cart viaduct next phase of works will commence early 2008.  The expectation is that no contra flows will be required as the work is contained within the structure.
  • Kilnknowe Cottages / Midton Road speeding traffic has become more apparent after the resurfacing works.  The 30 MPH signage is to be moved in the next financial year to help alleviate this problem.  Discussion on other measures to slow traffic in this area.
  • Flooding in and around the village – specific locations of flooding to be reported to SA.  Steps up to school and area outside Fred Storrie’s shop were mentioned at the meeting.
  • Traffic Management issue – draft plans were provided.  Community Council will seek views from villagers and comment back to SA.
  • Junction at Bowfield Road / Hillside – Cllr McGee and SA made site visit to review options.  The views of the owners of adjacent properties need to be taking into account when looking at options.  One option is to install a speed table to slow approaching traffic on Bowfield Road.  This option is still under consideration and will be costed.  Line of sight matter still under review.  There is no funding in place for this work as yet.
  • Main Street route action plan / speed activated signs pending budget provision.
Roads Cont.
  • Poor road surface at Carsewood Avenue was raised and SA will look at this matter again.
  • CC to provide RC with list of roads considered to be in need of resurfacing and the relative priorities of the work.   This matter will be considered at the September meeting.
  • Chair thanked SA for attending and agreed date of 13 November 2007 meeting for next visit.
Public Waste Bins

Bins now installed.  Letter of thanks will be drafted.  Cllr McGee also thanked for assistance with this matter.

Mayfield Gas Site

Scotia Gas Network was contacted regarding the poor state of this site.  Reply asked for further information to help Scotia Gas identify the location.  Details of location have been supplied.

Park Consultation

RC was asked for views and feasibility of introducing a multi sports area rather than just a football pitch but no reply has been received to date.  Cllrs were asked to escalate this matter on behalf of HCC.

Spring Bulb Planting

Bulbs have been ordered.  Date set for planting as weekend of 27 and 28 October.  Meet at Triangle 2pm both days.

Areas being considered for planting include park and Station Road.  Cllr McGee asked to check on weed killing at the barrier area near the Station.

HWW Walks

Update provided on the recent walk to Whittlemuir. 

Enjoyable walk with eight people and six dogs taking part.  Opportunity was taken to make some remedial repairs to sign posts and to install additional directional markers.

  • There were c26,000 visits to the website in June and c27,000 in July
  • Refresh of site is still work in progress but expect to see changes over the next few months.
  • Walks poster to be added to the site.

Next newsletter due Nov / Dec 2007.

  • Fete 2007 – Carry forward to next meeting.
  • CC Storage Facilities – Housing Officer in Johnstone advised that there is a site available for rent in Hillfoot Drive.  HCC have queried whether this is just a site or inclusive of a garage.  
  • War Memorial Public Opinion
    • Petition received from people against moving the site.
    • General view from public is against moving the site.
    • Copy papers from the dedication ceremony of the garden of remembrance in 1960 has been passed to HCC.
    • Meeting reminded that there are no actual plans to move the site.  The suggestion was an attempt to make the site more prominent to ensure that those who made the ultimate sacrifice continued to be honoured with respect.  Public opinion was to be sought in the first instance.  Although the press article was misleading it did have the positive effect of generating public debate. 
    • Agreement that garden should be better maintained
    • There continues to be no plans to move the site.
    • Discussion on ways to highlight the site and maintain garden.
    • Arrangements for Remembrance Day were discussed and carried forward to September meeting.
  • Scottish Evening – No developments. Carry forward to Sep meeting
  • Church School Holiday Club. – HCC will seek feedback from Church.
  • Community Plan revision and conference – The survey was completed at the meeting.  DP is happy to attend the conference in Paisley.  The conferences are during the day, making it difficult for majority of CC members to attend.
  • Scottish Water Contact – Details are to be advised
  • Cllr McMillan will get back to HCC regarding the Fete.
  • All other matters already covered within the Agenda. 
  • RC- Consultation on polling places(due 13.8.07) - Response already made.  It was noted that the time scale given for responses was unrealistic.  
  • RC- Local Licensing Forums - nominees.  Communication not clear regarding purpose and duties of the forum.  Contact the Secretary if you have an interest in being nominated.
  • RC- Marches Notification list – HCC has asked to be notified of marches.
  • Community Health Partnership – Public Partnership Forum – nominations.  Contact Secretary for details.
  • Community Health Partnership –Project Fund.  Grants for bright ideaAny organisation in the village can apply for a grant of up to 250.  Details to be passed to likely groups; Sports & Hobbies, Bowling Club, Walking Group.  Contact Secretary for details.
  • NHS – GGC Cleaning Monitors – nominations / volunteers – contact Secretary if interested
  • RC – Access Forum / SRANI meetings – Agreement to continue receiving minutes only.
  • RC Carts Greenspace annual bus round – anyone interest contact Secretary.
  • Planning Aid – Invitation to reception on 26 September 2007, 6pm – 8pm at Scottish Parliament building.  Anyone interested contact Secretary before 7 Sep 2007.

Apologies for next meeting – CS, RS and GW.  Minutes volunteer required.

Village Hall – Ant infestation.

Hall keeper reported problem with ants to RC six weeks ago but no action to date.  Classes have been cancelled due to this problem and there is a risk that attendees / leaders may not come back.  HCC to write to RC on this matter.  Cllr McGee is raising this matter with RC 


AGM date confirmed as 5 October 2007.


Tuesday 11 September 2007, at 7:30 pm Howwood Village Hall

AGM 5 October 2007

Thereafter, second Tuesday monthly –13 November 2007(Scott Allan RC Roads to attend), 11 December 2007 etc

Contact Details
  • Aircraft Noise Telephone line
    0141 848 4644 (answer machine)
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help Line
    0800 169 1283
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox
    0141 840 3164
  • Glasgow Wind Band, R & C Scarsbrook
    01505 704083 [email protected]
  • Fly Tipping
    0845 230 4090
  • Minicoach Tours
  • Police
    01505 404000
  • Renfrewshire Council
  • R.C. Roads email address
  • Roads & Lighting Faults
    0141 842 4466 (M-F), 0141 889 2314
  • Scottish Water Contact
    0141 355 5187
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson
    01505 702392 [email protected]
  • Village Web Site
  • Youth Nuisance Help Line
    01505 325030

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