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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2007



Nick Walker (Chair), Andrew Wilson (Secretary), Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Linda Smith,Robert Scarsbrook (Vice Chair), Margie Stewart, Bill David (Treasurer), Norma David


PC Andrew MacLeman, Catherine McIntosh, Lorna Robertson, Marjorie Deans, Scott Allan (Renfrewshire Council, Roads), Gillian McLarnon, Sarah Carmichael, Sharon McLarnon


Douglas Paxton, David McKie


The Minutes of the 10.04.2007 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Andrew Wilson and Seconded by Linda Smith

  • April 2007
    • 13 crimes/offences;  6 speeding (detected) 2 breach of the peace (detected) 1 assault (detected), 1 housebreaking including car taken, car later recovered, 2 thefts motor vehicles, 1 vandalism
  • Points raised
    • Public Meeting in Village Hall 15 May 2007 at 7:30pm. Speakers will be from ASIST, Housing Department and the Homeless Unit. Purpose of meeting is to understand processes in the various areas of responsibly regarding homeless people and anti social behaviour regulation. The aim of the meeting is to seek positive outcome to resolve problems. Police representatives requested to attend.   
    • Police advised that a person subject to a report in a national newspaper is no longer resident in the village.
    • Police are aware of anti social behaviour incidents in the past month
    • There is a local petition available at the Post Office regarding homeless unit in the village.  Petitioners seeking clarification on Renfrewshire Council (RC) plans for the unit and how the community can become aware of how the unit is used.  Concern from residents of Hallside Street regarding recent use of the homeless unit and the secluded location of the unit.   Petitioners make it clear that they support provision of homeless units for homeless families.
    • Police acknowledged that offenders need somewhere to live after release and gave an overview of supervision procedures provided by Prison Service and the Police including their responsibilities and risk assessments regarding sex offenders.  Advice from Police is to be vigilant at all times as there will always be offenders in the midst of any community.
ROADS (Scott Allan from RC Roads)
  • SA provided the meeting with his regular update on progress of the outstanding Roads matters
  • Road works on the M8 White Cart viaduct will last two weeks longer than planned i.e. until 1st week in June 2007.
  • A737 viaduct at Johnstone is 4 weeks overdue for completion.  RC is applying pressure on developer.
  • SA gave an overview of why M8 White Cart works are being carried out at the same time as works in the centre of Renfrew.   Reasons include need for regeneration of Renfrew to support some 2,500 new homes in the area, White Card works are part of an ongoing improvement programme, EU grant funding would be lost if Renfrew works were delayed.
  • Specific updates to outstanding matters
    • Speed activated signs – two signs are expected to be installed at either end of the village in June / July 2007.
    • Community Speed Watch portable sign – use of sign is to be rolled out after current pilot.   This will be done in conjunction with Road Safety initiative.
    • Rubbish at Midton Road burn – photographs of rubbish to be sent to SA by BD.  BD advised that some of the rubbish had been cleared by volunteers during the Village Clean up in March.
    • Gritting at Upper Midton Road – refer to letter from RC which did not address the question of why the road is no longer gritted.  SA to take this matter back to RC and seek information on the water run off problem.
    • Bus shelter seating at the shelter near the Post Office – RC now have funding to provide the seating.  Concern that the provision of seating could cause anti social behaviour at the location.  It was agreed to proceed with the seating and monitor the situation.
    • Bus shelter at Church – difficulties in providing a shelter in the area due to narrow pavement and proximity to the Church railings.  It was agreed to drop this request.
    • Shop parking area – RC will issue a Traffic Order for this site.  The order is currently on a waiting list.  Order will be for a 30 minute waiting time only.
  • Bowfield Road / Main Street junction - difficulties for pedestrians crossing the road near the shop was raised.  Difficulties arise out of speeding traffic and poor visibility caused by parked vehicles.  RC is considering how to address this matter and traffic calming in general.   Funding will be required for any such initiative.  HCC to raise matter of funding for Roads with newly elected MSPs.
  • Rural Road Repairs – Bridesmill Road resurfacing is now in progress.  SA is concerned about lack of notice regarding road closure to either the HCC or local residents impacted by the works.   SA apologies for this oversight and advised that the RC Roads website should contain details of all works but that CCs should also receive notification.
  • Major works will be undertaken at Roadhead roundabout at Lochwinnoch.
  • Hill Road / Bowfield Road – some progress regarding this difficult junction.  A Legal Notice was served by RC in respect of the visibility issue but this was later withdrawn.  Resident is happy to cooperate with RC in resolving this matter.
  • Storm water Bowfield Road, Triangle area and Main Street – SA will take this matter back and provide an update in due course.
  • Bus Stop sign west bound between Howwood Inn and Post Office – This matter was originally raised as villagers and visitors do not know where the buses will stop.  Bottom of steps opposite Howwood Inn was suggested location for the stop.  SA will look at best option for sighting a new bus stop sign.
  • New matters raised
    • A737 / M8 North Ayrshire – question from the floor re works in this area.  SA will check and come back with update
    • Public Utilities.  SA advised that new legislation means that utilities now need to advise Regional Councils of intended works
    • In reply to a question regarding abandoned traffic cones and barriers left by contractors / utility companies SA advised that the Council have no powers to act but that they can apply pressure for these to be removed.
    • Bus shelter contact number to be provided by SA.
  • Next visit by SA is planned for the 14 August 2007 meeting.
  • Insurance for the Fete will be arranged by BD.  Cost c105.
  • Funds raised from sponsorship of the Fete and Wind Band Concert so far are 305 for the Fete and 125 for the concert.
  • The Wind Band Concert will be held in the Church of Scotland on 15 June 2007.  The theme will be popular and classic music. Posters are now in place.  Tickets are ready for sale at the Post Office.   A pre booking slip will be included in the Newsletter.  HCC members asked to advise RS / CS of any pre bookings and to try to sell tickets.
  • Bowling Club will organise a quiz night again this year.  To be held on Tuesday 19 June 2007.
  • No response to request for car parking at the old Carsewood House site.
  • Football competition is being organised by Phil McFadden
  • Football pitch markings need to be arranged.  BD to speak to Phil McFadden regarding options for locating the pitch.
  • All are asked to advise BD of the Fete activities to be listed in the Fete newsletter.
  • Bottle stall was requested and agreed for Howwood Wildlife and Woodlands (HWW).   Donations of bottles should be made to Jean Peddie or handed to any member of the HWW management committee.   A further request for a bottle stall was received but it was agreed that only one should be allowed.  There were no objections to an alternative stall being allowed e.g. tombola
House in Howwood Inn Car Park

No update

Pet Crematorium – Land at Midton Wood, Midton Road

No update

Wind Farm Lochwinnoch

The action group thanked HCC for copy of position statement on this matter.

East Gavin Farm

Planning application for converting existing building into houses.  AW to obtain plans and email HCC members as deadline date for responses will be prior to next HCC meeting.

Friends of the Earth Letter

Free training on the theme ‘what you should know before being consulted by planners’ will be held on 5 June 2007 in Metropolitan Bar, Candleriggs, Glasgow at 6:30pm to 9:30 pm.  Three places to be booked RS, MS and either NW or AW to attend.  A further session is available on 19 June 2007 at University Campus, Ayr.

Rubbish and Compost Collection

No new problems with waste collections reported.

Competition ‘Name the Route’

The competition winning name for the new around the loch route at Castle Semple Loch was “The Semple Trail”


A consultation day is to be held on Wednesday 30 May 2007 at the Howwood Inn starting at 7:30pm.  Light snacks will be available.  All villagers interested in the Park are welcome to attend.  The intention is to walk the Park area including the Rhombus site to help drive out what villagers would like to see in the Park area.

Flower Tubs

HWW have installed tubs as a welcome to the village.  Tubs will be planted up later this month.

Garden Competition

It was agreed to hold an annual best garden competition. The competition will be open to all residents of Howwood. The first competition will be held in 2008 to give villagers time to prepare for the event. The Chair of Lochwinnoch Community Council will be invited to judge the competition.  Judging is to be in August 2008. A prize of gardening vouchers to the value of 30 together with a certificate was agreed for the winning gardener.

Public Waste Bins

Replacement bins for the Post Office and shop areas are required. Secretary to contact RC.   The Howwood Primary School environment group to be contacted for views on this matter.

Dog Bins / Dog Bags

Request for additional dog bins was raised at the meeting.  Secretary advised that the village already had full allocations of dog bins.  If additional bins were required then the cost would have to be met by the village.  Cost of a bin including empting would be c5k pa which could not be justified.

Secretary to enquire about obtaining free dog bags which could be made available at Post Office and shops.


Next newsletter will be distributed to CC members this week.  Volunteers asked to deliver the Newsletter by week end of 12/13 May.


There were c17000 visits to the website in April.

Local Newspaper

AW to place article in the Gazette for the Wind Band Concert and Fete.

  • Scottish Evening, Fiddlers – AW has now contacted a fiddle group in Largs who normally have 12 members to attend events.
  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau – remove from agenda
  • Invoice for Christmas Lights – Invoice paid 18 April 2007.  A second invoice will be sent for CC element.
  • Subscriptions for Planning Aid, Scotways and ASCC – BD provided status of subscriptions – ASCC to be renewed, Planning Aid has been renewed.  It was agreed that Scotways will not be renewed upon expiry.
  • Gillens Buses – Gillens have confirmed that the 9am service has been taken off and will stay off.  A review will take place at a later date.  This is a non subsidised route.  Individuals should write to the company if they have issues with the removal of this service.  Meeting was advised that where routes are registered then the Traffic Commissioners or SPT should be contacted for advice.
  • CC Forum AGM – Chair attended the AGM and reported back to the meeting.   Impact of new Regional Council wards was discussed.   Due to the way that boundaries have been drawn 7 councillors are entitled to attend community council meetings.   After Fete in June Secretary to ascertain via Alex Hewetson who is to attend and when councillors will attend.   The working group on the Scottish Executive community council consultation was held 8 May 2007 but Chair unable to attend due to other commitments.
  • Waterwatch Scotland panel meeting 4.6.07 4pm at the GlynhillThis panel was previously named Water Customers Consultation Panel.  BD will attend the meeting
  • Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership, public involvement This is a NHS organisation seeking to involve the public in shaping services and changes.   Secretary to request consultation papers.   HCC may send a representative to attend future meetings.
HWW Walk

The next walk organised by HWW will be on Sunday 20 May 2007.  Meet at Triangle at 2pm.  Intended route will be Linister Glen and the theme will be wild flowers, trees and bird song.

Wind Band Concert

MS to remind Church about teas / coffees for the Wind Band Concert

Public Meeting

Secretary to invite the four new Councillors to the Public Meeting on 15 May 2007


Tuesday 12 June 2007 at 7:30 pm Howwood Village Hall

Thereafter, second Tuesday monthly – 10 July 2007, 14 August 2007 (Scott Allen RC, Roads to attend), 11 September 2007 etc.

Contact Details
  • Aircraft Noise Telephone line
    0141 848 4644 (answer machine)
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help Line
    0800 169 1283
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox
    0141 840 3164
  • Glasgow Wind Band, R & C Scarsbrook
    01505 704083 [email protected]
  • Fly Tipping
    0845 230 4090
  • Minicoach Tours
  • Police
    01505 404000
  • Renfrewshire Council
  • R.C. Roads email address
  • Roads & Lighting Faults
    0141 842 4466 (M-F), 0141 889 2314
  • Scottish Water Contact
    0141 355 5187
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson
    01505 702392 [email protected]
  • Village Web Site
  • Youth Nuisance Help Line
    01505 325030

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