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Community Council Meeting Minutes 2007



Nick Walker, Andrew Wilson, Christine Scarsbrook, Jackie Mackenzie, Grace Weir, Linda Smith, Douglas Paxton, Tom Purse, Robert Scarsbrook




Bill David, Norma David, David McKie


The Minutes of the 12.12.2006 meeting were adopted – Proposed by Jackie Mackenzie and Seconded by Andrew Wilson.


No report

  • CS provided an update on behalf of the Working Group
  • Plans progressing after the Christmas break
  • Village Hall has been booked. Doors open 6:45pm for 7:15 start.
  • Tickets costing 75p now available for sale at the Post Office
  • Posters will be available from mid January.
  • Entertainment is being arranged. Awaiting confirmation of fiddle group availability
  • Speaker for the evening has been confirmed
  • BD kindly agreed to organise transport. TP and DP can also assist with transport, if required.
  • Budget for the event will depend upon cost of band.
  • Volunteers required for hall set up at around noon on day of the event. Time to be confirmed.
  • Tartan decorations required by GW
  • Raffle is being coordinated by JMack and LS. CC members were asked to donate raffle prizes
  • CC members to help at event will be required around 6pm. Tasks and further details will be given at next CC meeting.
  • Dog Show to be arranged by JMack
  • Fun Run - tentative proposal to organise a fun run on the week end before the Fete. CS to progress with Alan Fitzsimmons
  • Glasgow Wind Band has now agreed date of Friday 15 June 2007 for the event at same cost as last year, 350. Contacts for ticket and programme printing to be provided to RS by NW and BD. Meeting between Church and Band representatives to be arranged.
  • AW to contact Midton Bowling Club regarding participation to ensure this is included in Fete flyers
Village Clean Up – 24 & 25 March 2007
  • Reminder to all to keep these dates free to help with the clean up
  • Litter picking tools have been ordered by BD
  • AW to arrange for skips and related equipment to be available on time for the event
Rubbish and Compost Collection

The Secretary wrote to RC on 16 November 2006 regarding villagers concerns about non collection of rubbish and there being no reply the matter was raised with Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Council (RC), Cllr Mullin and Alex Hewetson. Response now received stating that non collection was due to operational difficulties but normal collections are now taking place. However, non collection of rubbish and recycling boxes is still being experienced in some areas of the village. Instance of non collection of recycling at part of Mayfield Crescent and Mayfield Court on first collection date in 2007. Villagers are asked to advise CC of instances of non collection, stating locations and dates, to help identify problem areas.

Compost collection has ceased for the season.

Villagers are advised that additional recycling boxes and lids are available for collection from RC’s Underwood Road, Paisley amenity site. Durability of lids continues to be a problem with many being lost during recent inclement weather.

Main Street – George Street to Linister Houses

Concern raised that overgrown trees and vehicles being parked on pavement is causing an obstruction. This matter had been noted at an earlier meeting and reported to both Police and RC Roads Department at that time.

Environment Cont.
Green Bins in Park

Bins still do not appear to have been emptied. Continue to monitor.

Park Upgrade

AW proposed to raise funds with the assistance of RCVS, to upgrade the Park. Proposal agreed. CS volunteered to assist AW with application and plans.

Initial thoughts for the upgrade included new pathways, tree planting and possible improvement work on the changing rooms

Initial plans to include the canvassing of opinion on what villagers would like to see in the park and what amenities they are likely to use

There is a need to understand current usage of the park especially the football area and changing rooms. Information on usage to be passed to AW.


No update


Next newsletter is due for distribution by HCC members 27/28

January 2007

Articles to be sent to Secretary. Items will include opinion survey about the proposed upgrade to the Park, vandalism and opening times of both shops.

Agricultural Workers House

No update.

Old Carsewood House Site

Planning permission to build 10 executive houses has been lodged by Liberty Homes Scotland.

Application noted HCC’s concerns raised in 2005 regarding impact upon traffic and parking in the area.

RC Roads contend that traffic would not be adversely impacted. Matter to be raised with Roads at February CC meeting

Wind Farming

The draft position statement on wind farm development was adopted.

  • Christmas Raffle – Prize list to be sent to AW. Funds raised toward the cost of the new Christmas lights amounted to 649 - 260 from sponsorship by local businesses and 441 from the sales of raffle tickets. Printing costs were 52. Chair expressed thanks to all contributors.
  • Accounts & Signatories – CS to confirm position with Bank
  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau – No update
  • Glasgow Airport Development - Road Show – BD attended. Report that Road Show was positive and that there are no particular concerns for Howwood
  • ASCC Renfrewshire Representative – Membership matter still ongoing. Nominations for the position of Renfrewshire’s representative require to be sent to ASCC. NW announced that he is considering his personal nomination for the position in anticipation of standing down as Chair of HCC after this years AGM in October. Meeting agreed nomination.
  • Sports & Hobbies Group – Request for donation – A letter of thanks has been received from Sports & Hobbies Group. Annual Accounts still to be received.

As per the Agenda

  • RC – Administrative Grant - Grant to HCC has been approved

Roads Matters noted at this meeting to be advised to Scott Allan in advance of attendance at the Feb HCC meeting

Howwood to Barrhead road near Greenacres Curling Club

Mayfield Crescent drain collapse immediately to left of Mayfield Drive exit is posing a danger to vehicles

Bus shelter requested for bus stop between Linister Houses and Church. Up and over design might be required due to restricted width of pathway

Main Street west bound bus stop opposite Howwood Inn /Post Office is not clearly designated and therefore can pose a problem for visitors to the area.

Traffic issues re planning application for Old Carsewood House site


Tuesday 13 February 2007 at 7:30 pm Howwood Village Hall (Scott Allan from RC Roads due to attend)

Thereafter, second Tuesday monthly - 13 March 2007 (Cllr Mullin due to attend), 10 April 2007, 8 May 2007, 12 June 2007, 10 July 2007, 14 August 2007, 11 September 2007 etc.

Contact Details
  • Aircraft Noise Telephone line
    0141 848 4644 (answer machine)
  • Antisocial Behaviour Help Line
    0800 169 1283
  • Dog Warden, Michelle Knox
    0141 840 3164
  • Glasgow Wind Band, R & C Scarsbrook
    01505 704083 [email protected]
  • Fly Tipping
    0845 230 4090
  • Minicoach Tours
  • Police
    01505 404000
  • Renfrewshire Council
  • R.C. Roads email address
  • Roads & Lighting Faults
    0141 842 4466 (M-F), 0141 889 2314
  • Scottish Water Contact
    0141 355 5187
  • Secretary, Andrew Wilson
    01505 702392 [email protected]
  • Village Web Site
  • Youth Nuisance Help Line
    01505 325030

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